questionsdoes anyone have experience being a secret…


I was one for a pizza chain for a while. The reward was a free pizza twice a week. The following January I got an extra tax slip- they had dinged me for the cost of these pizzas, and I had to pay income taxes on their estimated worth.


@gidgaf: lol, how did you get the job?


the #1 thing in that its a Secret
#2 your just a Shopper
thus this makes you a "Secret Shopper"
but dont forget about the IRS at the end of the year . some of those firms dont get there W2's out till april ...


Yes! I have mystery shopped grocery stores, tire chains, hardware stores, banks, coffee shops, gas stations, and more. It was a good job for me when I was a stay-at-home mom; didn't pay full time wages, but it enabled me to get some freebies and get paid a few bucks per shop (ranging from $10 to $50 per shop; the higher pay is usually for bank shops and apartment shops). You are responsible for your own gas costs to get to the shop, so it works best for people in urban areas where there are a lot of shops available close to your home. DO NOT PAY A FEE to sign up with mystery shopping companies or job boards. You can find them for free. A good place to start is Click on the "SHOPPERS" link, then the search button. But there are other places to look as well. You don't have to get certified, but I believe the trend is toward certification, so you might have a better chance at the higher paying jobs if you do. But try it out first.


here's a legit apartment secret shopper place
keyword being legit. there are several other legit work at home websites with good info on opportunities, including mystery shopping

for starters. they include reviews from actual people either in those jobs, previously doing them, or applying now. i'm not sure what your gender is, but don't be put off by the term "work at home MOM" being used a lot. diversity is welcome and encouraged, and no one cares if you're a dude or lady


If you have free time, go to and get to working.


If I told you...I'd have to kill you...

No seriously though, I am familiar with the job of Secret Shoppers, I work in Grocery and have for nearly 5 years now. If you are considering picking up some secret shopping bucks, those of us in the jobs appreciate honesty. Too many people go and give half-ass reviews so they can get paid. I wouldn't care if you said I was downright terrible, as long as you were honest. That being said, some people doing the Secret Shopping can be incredibly pleasant, hope you're one of them!:)


Most of the time, you just end up with free stuff. The money will probably only compensate for your gas (depending on the job and how far you live). Expect about $5-$10 per job then reimbursement for what you buy as a secret shopper. So, this meant free (small amount) of groceries, free fast food (but only what they what you to order), and coupons for clothes (they were testing customer service).

But, it can sometimes be A LOT of work.

Yes, they will sometimes expect or even ask you to walk the whole store. They might ask you to make weird requests on the employees or make a return but to purposely be rude. And yes, you might ultimately be the deciding factor in getting someone fired. If you're okay with all that, then great. Invest in a good scanner because you will also need to submit all your receipts.

For me, what killed it was just that I didn't have all the time needed for the job. They pay the best when jobs are last minute or far away so no one wants them. Good luck.


Yes, most of the above is true. We do a couple of different companies. We get a lot of free meals, oil changes, a few one night stays at hotels. A lot is just checking out stores at short notice. And maybe we get $5-$7 above what we pay for spending hours filling out paperwork about the "shop". Some pay us through paypal, others just give "gift certificates" (we avoid them - that means we pay out of pocket for one meal or stay and get the second free - no deal) We got recommended to one company (the better one) by a friend who has been doing it for more than 15 years. If we don't do so many "shops" a year we lose "membership".


here's another legit mystery shop company. this one isn't for apartments like the other link. this one has a lot near me for Ledo's pizza (free pizza) and Five Guys (free meal and a few dollars), among others

just do your research for any of these companies. go with your gut and err on the side of caution.
they want personal info on you when you apply, btw. some use your info to match with what the stores want as a mystery shopper. middle aged housewife with 2+ kids? young single techy guy who makes $X a year?