questionsoccupy woot! (uh, anyone got an agenda?)


Bags 'o' Crap for the 99% who never get one!

Sock Monkeys with every order!


Ok but we have to have 2 groups that want opposite things and our agenda is that we are ambiguously angry about the path woot is going down.


LOL I already 'occupy' woot too much.

Do have a suggested agenda: FIX the Server problems. Or whatever the heck is causing the slow loading & error messages. Important note: No problems today. So far. The last time I said that, the problems began w/i 5 minutes. :-/


Looks like we have estibashished our 2 groups.

@gmwhit 's group speed up servers for us who spend way too much time on woot.


@adadavis 's group who want BOC for everyone who never had one.


I'm ready to pitch my tent, as soon as I can by one on woot.

I'll join the BOC camp. Servers are just there to serve The Man.


@caffeine_dude: Would like to clarify a bit... If deals.woot doesn't fix their server problem I, for 1, will not be spending much time here. It is TOO frustrating. And is recurring; been going on for a long, long time. On the positive side of that, it will open up a black triangle space as I slide into oblivion. ;-)


Agenda? The agenda is a demand for fairness. It is unfair that only ~1% of members here get the black triangle. This "triangle disparity" is at its highest level in history (no, no facts to support that, but we insist it is true). And it is UNFAIR.

Remember ONLY 1% get the BLACK TRIANGLE. That is unfair. Unfair is unfair and we don't have to ask why or justify it. It is just UNFAIR and that means it's unfair because of unfairness. Unfairness itself being highly unfair results in unfairness yielding a death-spiral of civilization as we know it due to unfairness.

STOP! We don't want to talk about how it got there or what the black triangles did to get there. It's just unfair! We insist that Woot! fix this fairly or we are fairly determined to occupy Woot. We have no suggestions on how to fix it, except that we're fairly sure the black-triangle crowd's unfairly-gained "awesomeness" should somehow be redistributed fairly, because what we have today is fairly unfair.


@kcjones99: Well fair IS fair. Of that I'm fairly certain. Speaking of a fair. I haven't been to a county fair in years. Let's go find one of those and occupy it. Or at least ride the roller coaster; it'd remind me of the accessibility of deals.woot. Up and DOWN.

Re: The 'triangle disparity' - are you speaking of the Bermuda Triangle? If so, maybe we could go there. Though, occupying that might be difficult unless we have a flotilla of boats. Boats - that reminds me of the Mariel boat lift. Should we go to Miami? Cuba?

Stream of consciousness thinking is really disarming & confusing, isn't it? I need some solid thoughts to occupy my mind. I know, how about we occupy At least we could imbibe.


How about we all put a sock monkey on a stick (with dignity) and march on our prospective city halls and demand tax free internet sales! We can all chant "WOOT!" in unison repeatably every time some politician tries to shoo us away. Then we can go home when it gets dark and cold (and I don't want to be late for dinner!).


How about you all git outta the park and go find a job and make money to buy your own BOCs like that other percentage you're hating on who always manage to score them during the woot off ?!!

Hmmm. Might not be as easy as it sounds. Yeah, that "sock monkey in every pot" is sounding like a more obtainable thing.


This is all in fun right?

@kcjones99: mentioned only 1% get black triangles. I think they are there for people who work at it. I am not Jumbowoot's brother. I got this triangle because I worked at it. I did not get my triangle from my parents. They did not send me to triangle school and the rest of you could not afford to. I did not make stupid mistakes and request a bail out.

It seem pretty easy to get a black triangle


@caffeine_dude: Speak for yourself. My parents handed me my black triangle on a silver platter, along with a Lamborghini, Ivy League Education and Seed Money for my business. I basically have had everything handed to me without an ounce of effort or pain.


(Yes, all in good fun. For anyone failing to recognize sarcasm... here's your clue...)


@caffeine_dude: Is this your agenda; get us all corraled in the same place? ::shiver:: I'm stayin' here. Maybe.