questionsdo you fish?


This is how we fish here.

That's me in the black cap.


@jsimsace: Oh, WOW! That's amazing! Have only fished for catfish in the Lake of the Ozarks (& Lake Ouchita). Ocean catfish, yes? NOT the same. Have never seen 'that' kind of fresh water fishing. Did you smoke those beauties? Yummmm....smoked catfish. ;-)

Trotlines in the Lake of the Ozarks never, ever hooked anything THAT big. I am amazed.


@gmwhit: What? What did I just read? You EAT Flounder? How could you?


Poor old Flounder.


I live where I do because I love a relaxing couple hours fishing on the lake. I have it rough...50 Yard walk from my back door to the boat. I put a 10+ lb Largemouth in the boat this 1st "Lunker"! The Crappie in my lake are big enough that I catch them on bass lures accidentally.

I guess that is a yes.


@theflounder: Eeeeppp! Sorry. But, must admit that...whispering...flounder is a very tasty fish. Mild. Hard to catch, though. Haven't had a lot of success.


Fished when i was a kid. Then went 30 years without fishing and didn't realize I missed it. Had no poles or tackle. A friend talked me into going with him once about three years ago, so I bought a $20 pole/reel combo and ten bucks worth of tackle thinking that for thirty bucks I'd be taking part in a cheap sport.

I was instantly addicted. Now I've got an ocean pole, a fly rod, and three nice lake/stream poles, about a thousand bucks worth of equipment and tackle, and recently bought a boat.

Fishing is a black hole for money.

But yeah, I fish.


With the weather finally cooling down here, seem time is mighty right to get out and grab some fish. Thing is, it will the lure grabbing them, not me. Damn boys that is some seriously crazy "fishing" grabbing those fish.


All summer and most of the fall weekends you can find us out on my dad's boat. We fish in the bay and ocean. My dream is to one day catch a marlin, but we aren't fishing for them yet. My current realistic dream is to catch some tuna (yummy!). Most of the time we catch fluke, sea bass, bluefish, and a variety of other stuff that are fun to catch but not so much to eat. I love being out on the water more than anything, sometimes I could care less if we actually catch anything.

Side note - this also feeds my shirt woot addiction. I don't wear tshirts a lot in general, but on the boat I do. So I jump at the chance for pirate or shark themed shirts. I'm going to have to start branching out for the rest of the family :)


@jsimsace, @gmwhit , Fishin' in Oklahoma?? Nah... we'd never do that... LOL Have you heard of Tommy Watts? He is one of my Hubby's bosses.

This is one of my Grand-Daughters from a few years ago, her Daddy caught these beauties at Waurika Lake. (not Noodling, he was using a rod and braided line.)



High country! Always chasing those golden trout. We do lots of backpacking trips in the high sierra and catch rainbows and brook trout all day long. Lots of those lakes are stocked annually/biannually so the fishing is always excellent. Usually catch and release, I have never really liked to eat fish unless starved out in the back country.


I don't always fish....but when I do, I catch big ass trout.


I like sitting out on the lake, enjoying nature and the sound of the water lapping against the dock. I liked the randomness and mystery of getting nibbles or catching a small fish and throwing it back. I don't like touching the fish or baiting the hook with live bait. I haven't been since I was a kid though. My fishing buddies (Grandpas) have passed on and haven't been fishing since then.


It is all about Deep Sea for me. Tuna, Mahi (Dorado), Sail Fish, Shark, I love Big game fish. Never got that Marlin and am interisted to go Sword fishing. But a day in the bay for Fluke, Stripers, Sea Bass, and Blue Fishis still great. My favorite fish to eat is Black Fish (Tautaug). I have doen fresh water once or twice and seen fly fishing but never really got interisted. An over night on the beach with some surf poles is a great way to end a day in th summer.