questionswhat do you have on your walls?


My husband was an artist; therefore, many of the paintings with a couple of exceptions are his. I do have a couple of mirrors here and there, but mostly, not too much.


Prints from my favorite Artist Ambird. A couple framed modest mouse records, Gig posters, and a few anchors. I got various nick knacks and stuff but that covers the bulk of what hangs on the walls.

I am considering getting a few of those vinyl wall stickers like those for my next place though.
(not those exactly, it's just the first result that popped up in google for me)


We have mostly framed photographs (professional prints) with a few other pieces of art.

My big tip to you will be HOW to hang the stuff you put on your walls.

You can Google "Gallery Height" for more info, but the basic idea is that you line up all artwork at the center of their height, rather than their tops or bottoms.


At home, original art from artists I know. At work, my own artwork. I also painted a mural on the front of my house, just a simple sunny mural of sunflowers, daisies and butterflies. I continued the mural in the kitchen, where I painted the same images on the kitchen cabinets and the back of the cutting board.

I need to take a new picture, I have added more butterflies, dragonflies, a bee and a praying mantis to my collection of garden insects.


The one thing I am most proud of is the thing I made myself:
filled with fabric
decorated with three dimensional butterflies like these on the outside going outside the frame and on to the wall

@cowboydann: The vinyl stuff is cool! :) I had some a couple apartments ago and they weren't a hassle at all to remove, shockingly.


I print and frame a bunch of my own photos, pics of the wifey and I, and the occasional exception of someone else's art.


In the living room we have our "adventure" wall, framed photos of my husband and I taken during our travels. Another wall has some old maps that I found in a thrift store, also framed. All other walls are bare, not much into decorating.

Oh, yeah...a WOOT calendar on the kitchen wall :)


@ohcheri: If you are into traveling and into maps, you may want to do something my friend did. He got a large world map, and he puts a sticker on everyplace he has traveled. He and I travel a lot and he was in the Marines before we knew one another, so his map is pretty interesting to look at.


Well, I don't have this yet (it's pretty expensive) but I wanted some game decals on my wall

like this one

and this one


@moondrake: That's on my "one of these days" list...


In the main house, guest house, or servants quarters? (J/K) We have some family collage photos in a hallway, some S/N prints from some artist we like, and small bit of iron work, some dried flowers. Basically if we like like it we buy it and have it custom framed. We have one piece that we love, it is probably not worth the paper it is printed on, but with the custom frame and mat, it looks amazing and we love it.


@gideonfrost: Congratulations on your new home! What a delight to fill it w/treasures you love. My walls? Every room has something on each wall; many are covered. I'm one of those that collects art...& things. One wall is filled w/framed mirrors. Bathrooms have art/sculpture on the walls. A room is naked to me w/o art. Have a lot of original art, signed lithographs, prints and on & on.

Caveat: I have been collecting all of my (long) life. As you might guess, I love (covet) art. One of my first purchases (I was 18 or 19) was 4 small (approx. 10"X14") copies of frescoes from the Sistene Chapel. I still have them. Have had the pure joy of viewing the originals.

The least expensive wall decor for you might be prints & photos. Place things on your walls that you enjoy looking at. Do not listen to those who tell you to 'match' your decor. Ugh! Have fun doing this!!


For about another hour it's blood splatters. Be back shortly.



My living room has a couple oil paintings I did in high school & professional photos of my daughter.

My dining room has a giant mirror my parents gave me as a house warming gift. My daughter, who is 4, has generously taped her own artwork below the mirror. By generously, I mean she used a whole roll of scotch tape...

My daughter's room, I picked up some princess decals from Menards. I also picked up a moon & stars mirror set from there too that self adheres to the wall, put that in my own bedroom.

Still working on the decorating thing myself as we just bought our first home the end of Jan this year. :)


Photos in matted frames of us. The mattes set them off and make them look not cluttered. Over the fireplace we have an iron piece of art of a tree. Very simple but eye-catching.


I have many different things on the walls, the largest is!=W&ID=17640
and the rest of the walls have a rotation of 40 different framed lithographs from the Draglings collection here:

I've also got a few bookshelves that take up a couple of walls, and a pair of candle scones to accent one really stupidly placed wall.


I paint and we have my paintings up all over. About half of them are nerdy (Doctor Who, Futurama, and Scott Pilgrim), and half of them are favorite being a big coffee cup in the kitchen (I live for coffee).

If you're wanting art for your walls, it's really easy to get some cheap materials (foam board) and with painter's tape and paint to make a stripey piece in complimentary colors.


I work in the video game industry and have original artwork from some of the amazing artists I work with hanging on almost all of my walls. :)


we have some old 1920s 8x12 adverts framed and on our wall, otherwise dining room is full of wine pictures, and the living room has some photos of skiylines. The fiance is making a picture to go in our bedroom we haven't got anything yet in their


absolutely nothing. I'm a single guy, I'm lucky I have a couch and a bed! have a pretty sweet TV though.


For the living/theatre room I have movie posters, sports photos and memorabilia ( Nolan Ryan’s 5,000 strike out photo that I took at that game), oh and one of these live size Lone Ranger poster from a Wheaties promo in the 50’s that we got framed.


I just moved halfway across the country for graduate school, so I have a very large Maryland flag hanging up in my living room. The flag itself isn't well-known, so it's a good conversation piece as well.

I also have a small print of a picture I took while having espresso in Italy with a good friend. She got it made up on canvas as a going-away gift, so it's a little reminder of good friends.

Maps of your local area make GREAT decoration, in my opinion. Particularly nautical ones, if you live in that kind of area. It's also helpful if you're trying to figure out your neighborhood.

(I really miss my old uni's printing service. You could get a medium 18x24-ish color poster printed and laminated for something like $12. Custom posters made GREAT gifts/decorations.)


Oh, and if you don't have access to a good large-printing service, Rasterbator ( prints look VERY impressive when done with care, and perhaps a $10 frame from Michael's/etc.


In one hall, I put up a bunch of picture rails and then assemble photo collages for each of my kids (one collage/year) and hung them on the rail. A sort of gallery of rogues for the ages. I enjoy being able to see them as they age and the collage allows for documentation of highlights of the year (like any sports photos, special trips, Halloween costumes, etc).

Otherwise, the majority of my walls are covered in art from my grandma's house, cobwebs and dust.


I just remembered one of the sites I check out:

It's by two sisters who do all sorts of DIY home decorating projects. They've got quite a few ideas for wall art, scones, etc. If their style is up your alley, you could really go nuts.


@rabidfuzzle: Me too!

On some of the games that I've worked on (PSX, PS2, GCN, PC), I've received completion / shipped plaques (with game disc/gamebox artwork/engraved plate), so some of them are on my walls.

I also have: arcade marquees, original animation production cels from some television shows and arcade games (i.e. Dragon's Lair), sericels, and framed pictures of my family.

I love working in the video games industry. It gives me the excuse to decorate my man cave / home office with the most awesomest stuff ever.


In the living/dining area we have framed prints, paintings done by my grandmother & mom, & a framed quote. On the stairway we have photo walls, plus a couple paintings done of my kids when they were little.

In my room I have a "wreath" with clips for pics, a framed pic of my family, and a Fawkes the phoenix wall sticker. Plus bookshelves. My kids have paintings, Dali Decals bought through a Groupon deal, and a ton of Harry Potter wall stickers given to my middle daughter for Christmas by my boyfriend. Her walls are where young guests are first brought when they come to our house!