questionssince when is it okay for woot moderators to…


In case you are interested, here is an album containing screenshots of the conversation in question. Here is the thread itself.

And I have contacted gatzby, the managers of the woot mods, to express my concerns.


I'm so irritated right now with this that I have no words! I'm so tired of that particular wooter's continual attacks on community members.


Not to mention the post directly after the "attack" by @aerc712 is a Quality Post. Maybe the mod in question has a woot crush on @aerc712? :) Or the more likely answer is you bringing up those topics (though relevant) hit a sore spot with SW, and they're upset that you might possibly take away some SW sales. I disagree with both scenarios (having crushes is OK though!). This should be a fun and fair environment for everyone, playing favorites isn't fair. Your post was relevant, maybe a little negative, but still didn't deserve any of the "attacks" that you received.


Oy. And the double standard continues. This is not the first time the other individual has raised a ruckus over words NOT said by other Wooters, but has, in their mind, implied otherwise and expanded such into a diatribe. Apparently, saying how I dislike the new blanks was enough to make this individual rant and go into arguments about weight and our body's shape.

The concerns that @neuropsychosocial has raised are valid ones, especially with regards to the artist/reprint situation. So how is it fine that another Wooter takes those said concerns and turns it into a personal attack, and the post is supported by a mod ... well, @gatzby, you're the leader, so I'm asking you as I really don't get what standard, if any, is being used for a basis.


I really wish I had access to the SW discussion threads here at work..


I think woot in general is going through a transition. When I joined back in 2009, I focused primarily around SW, only getting involved in all the other sites within the past year.

My first impression on the staff and associated popular users was that it was just another elitist circle jerk, like many other company run communities of small midsize. But I didn't care. I liked their sarcastic attitude, and their cynical way of dealing with things because they openly acknowledged it, and normally had a great sense of humor about it.

I think back the they were still small enough to kind of do whatever they want. The past few years they've seen substantial growth, it seems, both lucratively and in general popularity.

I'm certainly not in any place to say that because they are getting bigger, they can't deal with issues and uprisings just however they want. Nonetheless there are a few things I wouldn't mind seen changed, as opposed to just being told to "suck it up".


All of that being said, while I do think some things may need to be changed, some employees spoken with, etc...
I really don't want woot, in general, to lose that cavalier attitude that they have. I think that's really unique, and I love it. I just hope that they find a way to reconcile it with legitimate concerns such as yours, @neuropsychosocial. I genuinely feel for you, here.


could you help me a little by telling me what/where the attacking is? do you mean the "Debbie Downer" comment?
sorry; i'm just trying to focus on the specific issue so's i can offer any assistance.


This looks alarmingly like drama for drama's sake.


I don't know your whole history, so I'm just going off of the content you linked to.
The first post you responded to didn't even mention you name... You kinda stepped in front of that bullet by assuming they were talking about you.
The "first attack" called you a Debbie Downer, but I don't see those as fighting words. These are the interwebz, after all. If being called "Debbie Downer" hurts your feelings, you better stay way from 99% of the sites out there.
The content, while off topic, was not worthy of removal. I didn't view it as an attack. Again, I'm just going off of this particular incident.


Really, this is a personal attack? You were fairly negative in your comment:

"Everything that's happened around here over the past few months - not just with the shirts, but what was done to me personally - I can't even begin to describe how tired. Of course woot is reprinting sekiyoku. They've already scraped the bottom of the barrel; they're just going back for more. Sure, the prints are crooked and the design sizes are all mixed up and the lightweight hoodies are being burned all the way through... doesn't matter"

The tone of the comment does come off as cry-babyish. When you cry in public some one might tell you to stop sniveling and grow a backbone. You completely baited the conversation. And with this question as evidence one might come to the conclusion that you might be a TROLL.


Since when did it become such a bad thing to try and voice your opinion on what you once thought was a beautiful thing? It took me a while to wake up but I'm really wishing woot would go back to AA Blanks and put more focus back on the quality of shirts. I think you're perfectly in line voicing your opinion, and you shouldn't have to 'deal with it' when you don't like change. I also think @dmaz brought up a lot of great things in their post.

It's too bad certain users feel like bringing up lies to make others look bad, and I don't really appreciate woot apologizing on behalf of (for lack of a better word) the victim in the whole ordeal. As far as being negative, I will have to say overall that's not true and Neuro has been way more supportive of the art and the only thing i've ever seen her complain about lately was the quality of the shirts/prints (which is something that needs addressing)

Anyways, Phone calls are piling up I gotta get back to work.


Seems to be a combination of a "new" member who is unaware of the way the "old" Woot was evolved so much by community feedback and a mod that is hitting complaint burnout from the complaints being made by long time members all over the place.

Woot members were use to speaking their minds because this was always appreciated and helped direct the way the site evolved. Members complained but that helped mold Woot into a site people enjoy and felt like they were a part of it. They don't want to leave they want to help reinvent the place.

Mods always dealt with issues in a tongue and cheek playful manor which came off well. But I think many are hitting their limits with the high level of "complaints" and playful messages now sometimes come with an edge. Recently a reply by a mod I have never taken issue with annoyed me so much that I responded to come to the aid of the other member. That had never happened to me before.

Unfortunately the process will end with long time members leaving.


obvious hypersensitivity to environmental variables and adverse social stimuli, as evidenced by being mac user.


To elaborate a bit more on this - the other Wooter in context has accused others they're "calling women fat" because they said they dislike the new blanks.

There are still many examples in the Let's talk lady sizes and the mega Anvil thread over at World of shirt.woot (which I'm not about to link here as I'm typing this on my tablet); I recommend catching up on the back story before forming an opinion of this situation.


@narfcake: Was this the same member that turned the quality control thread into a full out war over different members commenting that the mens prints of womens shirts made the shirts tight across the chest because the print does not stretch and called them fatties that needed to buy the proper size for their oversized bodies? He then commented without prompting that people complaining about the fit at the bottom needed to diet. When painted into a corner on how weight was not the issue and stop calling people fat he then defending his actions saying he has a very very large pants size so he knows what fat is? After a few hours of this a mod came in and deleted all interactions and then told people to stop so I cannot go back and reference the user name.

If its the same person then its just a troll creating a combative environment and then playing victim. Troll gets away with starting problems and the members that get annoyed by their actions give up and a valued member is gone.


@narfcake: man she is so great, i love her to bits. (TT)


Scumbag wooter: attacks other users, complains of being attacked when people suggest maybe going someplace you might enjoy more.


Isn't this deals.woot instead of shirt.woot? I don't see the connection...there are different mods for different sites, right?


@llandar: Comment tattled; that was extremely unnecessary, especially coming from a staffer.

@bsmith1: Reread the thread in context; Neuro was called out by name in a subsequent post.


@narfcake: Agree. Good grief! What's happening here? Sarcasm & irony are very funny to me. In this question's context, this is neither.


@llandar: Wow is that uncalled for from a staff member. And you wonder why people create threads like this!!!!!

@snapster Where oh where have you gone? I really wonder what your reaction to a staff this comment would have been! @llandar openly calling a member who is pointing out a problem they are having a scumbag. Just wow!


@llandar: You do realize people are already fired up about this issue, did you really need to get people even more angry??


@conanthelibrarian: Well @llandar provided the answer to the question so we should all thank him/her! As of today it is perfectly acceptable for a mod/staff to not only approve of an attack but then launch one themselves.

I think I am gonna go get some popcorn and sit back and watch the show because this is heading towards customers no longer shopping at a site they enjoy!

@gatzby I guess now I am only making "drama for drama's sake" since this all seems to be perfectly fine.


chill out yall...i'm pretty sure @llandar 's post was a reference to the scumbag steve meme (albeit a poorly executed one)


@llandar: Way to go (and to make myself perfectly clear, I am being sarcastic). You just had to go and light a match around all of this fuel.

I expect better behavior from a staff member.

Edit: I wouldn't be surprised if this whole thread gets deleted.


Maybe big shirt sales in the future.....


@pinchecat: I have no idea what that specific meme is but to be honest how does that make it any better? In a thread asking when was it made OK for a mod to approve a personal attack an employee comes in and calls a member a "scumbag". If you are trying to form a "meme defense" trying to turn it around that the he was not calling @neuropsychosocial a "scumbag" by describing the situation they find themselves in but the other user in question does this make it any better? In the end a staff member just called a used a "scumbag".

@barnabee A question reading "Can a staff member can call a user a "scumbag" and have it covered up by deleting the question?" will get it back out there as will a screenshot of the statement in question.

My earlier statement of tongue and cheek statements now have an edge certainly would be driven home if they were trying to refer to an apparently not well known meme and just end up calling a member a "scumbag". But would a meme make it any better? Nope!


@llandar: Woah, I hope you've brushed up on your apologies lately, because I do believe we are going to be expecting a press release by the morning.

And @neuropsychosocial I personally think what happened isn't truly intentional (at least on Woot's part). I think it's a combination of hurt feelings (both yours and Woot staffers-remember, not all of them make the decisions that are complained about but they all have to defend them) and mods not quite making the right decision on when to be serious and when to be lighthearted.


@neuropsychosocial I'm sorry, but this just sucks. I have seen the person in question go off on several people. I'm always afraid to post over on SW because of that. I hope this is resolved better than what I've seen the mods post so far. In fact, I'm disappointed in them. sigh

All I can say is hugs I think you're great! :)


OMFG!!! sOME pEoPles aRe arguing ON tHE inTErWEBS!!!!!


I appreciate the support that has been expressed for me and I also appreciate the opinions of those who do not agree with my concern; as several people noted, there is significant context that influences my interpretation of these events - including the mod in question telling another poster that she would be sure to pass along to me the poster's comment that no one would have cared if my violent ex-husband had killed me. All record of that event has, of course, been deleted by woot staff - as were the subsequent posts expressing support for me and the posts expressing disgust that the posts of support were deleted - so I can't provide links. Again, thank you to all who have expressed their opinion, whether you expressed support/concern or skepticism.

But most of all, thank you to @llandar, woot staffer extraordinaire, for indisputably demonstrating my initial point.


@llandar: That was completely uncalled for! It seems to me you are one of the problems that is being talked about in this thread. If you want to chase away the good people here then give yourself a pat on your back because you are doing a darn good job of it.

It appears you are a great example of the saying "Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely."


@neuropsychosocial: It appears to me that we, the people who keep Woot going with our purchasing, don't matter to a couple of the mods here. That is we don't matter UNLESS we keep our opinions to ourselves and don't say something that will upset those couple of mods who think their you-know-what doesn't stink.

Thank goodness we also have mods here like TT and most of the rest of them. At least the majority of them know what mod means and they moderate without getting personal.


@ki4rxm said: "Woah, I hope you've brushed up on your apologies lately, because I do believe we are going to be expecting a press release by the morning."

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that to happen, if I were you. Usually people, on an ego/power trip because of their position, only apologize when forced to by someone higher up then they are. Said apology is also usually written for them as well since many times the words "I'm sorry" are not part of their vocabulary.


@llandar: I posted severl things in this thread directed toward you and what you've said. I want to expand on that.

I don't know know you other than what I've read from your posts in this thread. I must however tell you I don't like what you've had to say here. I will add that while it's your right to say what you did everyone else has the right to say what's on their mind about how you present yourself. If you feel offended maybe you should think about how others feel when you make remarks about them. Maybe you should also think about going somewhere else, as you put in one of your posts.

With that out of the way I want to also add that if you feel it is warranted, use your so-called all-encompassing power to delete my account. That way you won't have to feel offended by my posting against what you have to say and it might also feed into your apparent ego a bit. It will also save me a lot of money that I have been spending at Woot!, especially over the last month or so.


I'm more curious as to what version of Firefox you are running and why your alignment is totally broken.......and pink?


@jnissel: I was referring to the screenshots posted by @neuropsychosocial.


@joneholland: Thank you. I just looked at them and they look alright on my screen.


@jnissel: No they don't. The background is a hideous pink and things aren't lined-up right. Look at the beta feedback button and community sourced deals link at the top. Such a wretched look and feel...perhaps a reflection of the user? Boom! bsmith1 uses Personal Attack and it's super effective!


@jnissel: Oh, I didn't truly expect one. It was more a commentary on the world of making public statements when you know you can just write an apology the next day and everybody forgets about it.

To be completely honest, though, I'm surprised that SOMEBODY on Woot's side hasn't said something. I mean, for crying out loud, even @gatzby made a not-appropriate-for-somebody-in-"customer service" comment. I have to say, if I was to say ANYTHING along either of those lines to one of our customers, I would find my office packed for me within hours.

(oh and BTW, no disrespect to @joneholland here- you're not nobody, I am just speaking about conversation on the issue at hand)


@joneholland: Heh - I'd forgotten about the "pink." Remember all the complaints about "WOAH TOO MUCH WHITE" when the redesigned website launched? It honestly bothered my eyes, so I set Firefox to display the background of woot as a separate color. I settled on the "hideous" pink because it was the only default color that didn't clash with the color schemes of the nineteen different woot sites. (It's the specific default settings of the woot website that allow me to do this to woot and woot alone.) Alignment: results from forcing Firefox's default font size to be larger-than-normal. On certain websites (but not most), it results in those graphic-type buttons overlapping. I suppose it's not pretty, but I prioritize substance over appearance - and yes @bsmith1, addressing eye strain by problem-solving and prioritizing my ability to read text over having buttons look pretty is a reflection on the user: a reflection that I'm proud to claim.


@joneholland: @bsmith1: I stand corrected. I was only looking at the text boxes, not the surrounding areas.


@neuropsychosocial: Hey.. if you didn't like the background color of the site, maybe you should go somewhere else!!!