questionsalright everybody, who else wants to give theā€¦


I had an awesome time playing both days. I'm also very impressed with how they handled their large snafu. Props to you for creating a game at least as awesome as the Adventure Craps!


Sorry, not for this one. I like Woot! and all, but I don't have time to play games that will take me all day, keep me glued to my computer, and then lead me to a crap page that is sold out. I wish they would keep the Random Crap the way it was and maybe add a Won Crap for some game for those people who can spend hours at the computer and choose to do so.


basically sucked. quit trying to kiss ass.


I think they did a decent enough job. I do agree with several others that there were not enough BOC's given out. Regardless, it would sell out in seconds anyways, so not sure it matters.


@pinchecat: Well that's not very nice. I actually had fun, from something built by others. I believe the proper thing to do is say thank you. But who knows? In an objective based world, I guess the process itself just doesn't matter to people.


Didn't play, didn't care. If this is what is required in order to get a BOC from now on, count me out. The facebook ones are bad enough.


I looked at the game but just couldn't take the time to figure it out. The staff is great and the premise of the site is fantastic. However, it's gotten so convoluted that it's hard to see what's current, etc. On the BOC's, no matter how quick I am or how many computers in my house or work, I cannot get past server connection failed. I've bought a lot of things from this site, probably not as many as SOME people but the majority of the things have been worth it. But the page has gotten to the point where you can't be successful.


Thank y'all for bearing with us yesterday... or was it the day before?


@thunderthighs: sleepy time TT. Your days are running together. @_@


I just enjoyed the puzzle hunt.


@supersox: People keep saying things like that, and I'm still trying to get an answer of how it would have kept you glued to the computer if you were just putting the map together.

You knew the map won't be finished until near the end of the day so why couldn't you just go to the blog, hit ctrl-f, type -treasure-, get all the pieces of the map from that page, repeat until you had all the pieces that came out over the course of the day, paste in paint with transparency.
Couldn't take you more than 5 minutes, then you could just wait for the last piece or two.


Yes, I have to say I got sucked into the fun of chasing down the map pieces on the second day :)

Thank you very much woot, it was a lot of fun! Though, personally, I think that because you created so much work for those to attain it, you should have offered just a few more Bags of Crap.

As it was, I clicked the big golden button within 5 seconds of the last clue being launched, and I was still too late.

@thunderthighs: This isn't a whiny complaint, as I fully enjoyed myself. The game was lots of fun (awesome map, btw :) ), but as far as creating availability for those who worked out the game (which is what I think you were trying to achieve), it was no different than a regular BoC. I'm curious, was this anticipated?


@panthiest: That's exactly what I did and I probably spent not more than 15 minutes, all told, trying to get the pieces and putting the map all together. Sure, I checked periodically throughout the day, but I was already at a computer doing something else anyway.

It was fun and it wasn't like I was slavishly devoted to pressing F5.


They get paid for this, right? "Thanks for earning your check"? No.


@jsimsace: Someone says this every time someone wants to show a little appreciation. I can see both sides of the issue here, though. Sorry it bugs you so much.

Appreciation is appreciated. Duly noted and returned in kind. :) I'm glad some people had fun. I'm sorry some people clearly didn't. :(


@jsimsace: Yes, they get paid for this, but I'm sure they still appreciate people who thank them and appreciate what they are doing.

I get paid to be nice to customers at my job, but I still appreciate it when they say thank you for all your help, or are nice enough to stop by and bring me a soda or chocolate or whatever it is they do because I helped them out (which is my job!).

So, thank you to everyone at woot! for the fun treasure maps (I wasn't going to do the second day, but it was too much fun to pass up!), I was still too slow to get a BoC, but something tells me I probably never will. But, that's OK. Thanks also to the staff for resolving the first days fiasco so quickly...even if not everyone agreed with any of the end results, I'm happy to see you found a way to make everything work out. This is why I woot! :)


I didn't walk away with any crap this time, but it was much more entertaining! Thanks woot!


Thanks. Woot, once again you made my life difficult. You helped create an online scandal that I couldn't talk about with anyone because none of my co-workers and family are Wooters.
They just don't get it and they try to convince me that I'm the crazy one (as if!). But I'm not, see, because they're missing out on all this fun and cool stuff! They...are the crazy ones, not me.

Plus, two new words were coined: "Crap-gate" and "Crapmapgate".
Woot, I salute you.


Already sorta done HERE

But, again, I enjoyed this event/promotion quite a bit. Even the drama spiced everything up; It was like being in a real worlds episode! Beside that, great work, lots of fun, and hope the drama doesn't prevent your writers from doing an event like this again


@dmaz: You're talking about the number of available BOCs? They're hard to push through. It requires a lot of coordination between Colonel Crap, warehouse, shipping, and MANY other groups. All that has to be done on top of our regular sales and you know how many sales we do during a woot-off.

Edit: By push through, I mean get it all done. We all want to do them.


@thunderthighs: Gotcha. Yeah, I can see how trying to manage Bags of Crap during a woot-off would a little like trying to work a crime scene in a hotel that is being completely rennovated, haha. I'll keep keeping my fingers crossed!


@inkycatz: @thunderthighs: Please accept my sincere apology for this remark yesterday. My crappy(pun intended) week pales in comparison to yours, I'm sure. Thank you two and everyone there who makes woot special. :)


@jsimsace: No problem. It's all good. And now that I've slept for a couple days, it's actually a lot better.