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Heh! So now we know where to refer that guy who keeps asking why no one contacts him about selling his stuff on woot!


@pamfenway: Exactly. And there's even a phone number on that site so they can call too. First time I ever saw a woot related phone number.


Wonder why the copyright mark is only 2003-2010.


Excellent catch. Pretty amusing read, as well. I almost wish I had something to sell.


The video podcast before CES was putting up the Woot Wholesale booth. I'm not sure what the objective is of Woot Wholesale, but the video seems to indicate it involves buying people lots of drinks and food, and giving away lots of screaming monkeys. I think I want that job.


please don't call or contact them asking for a Bag of Crap!


@magic cave: Huh. Thanks for pointing that out. I've sent it to our date keepers.


Pretty cool..thanks for the post


I think you've got it backwards. It's not the division you use to sell your stuff on woot. It's the division you use to buy woot-type (profanity) to sell in your B&M or web store.

Don't get too excited though; it's typically not any cheaper to buy the stuff wholesale than it is to pick it up on Why? The woot model relies on other streams of revenue. The deal itself is typically a loss leader or something close to it.


@fgarriel: It might be for both. If you read the PDF for the Vendor's Terms and Conditions, you can see that it has several clauses for them to provide insurance on the products they manufacture. It also discusses things like warranties.


I know I'm not crazy, someone else will back me up here. A Wootgod had mentioned that site in This Thread But their comment seems to be deleted now. That's how I found out about the site.

Did anyone else remember seeing this? For some reason I think it was brutherford, I could be wrong though.


@cowboydann: Wasn't me... I didn't even know that wholesale had a website till just now.


@cowboydann: I know I saw the woot wholesale link somewhere in a question, probably a month ago. I'm not sure it was in the thread you provided... but it does seem plausible after searching.


Pretty cool read.. whoever made this website though, is genius.


@cowboydann: Yeah, and if I remember right there was also a link to the other end [distro] where other SAD/DAD sites buy stuff from Woot.

(Sale A Day/Deal A Day) - love those acronyms :).)


@cowboydann: I've got your back. I saw it on that thread as well, but I was thinking it was Thunderthighs or Inkycatz.



I think Matt keeps that site for nostalgia purposes.