questionswhat do you do when it rains during your vacation?


Even if it's raining, it's still warm; that nice tropical warm. Go for a walk on the beach, in the rain. Cuddle up with your wife and enjoy the relaxing sounds of the pitter patter of the rain drops as they hit the roof. Bring along a book neither of you has read, but has wanted to read and take turns reading it to one another. Create a "bucket list" - together. Start writing a book "... how to enjoy a rainy caribbean vacation..." Do something together neither of you have ever done before. The resort most likely has activities set up for rainy days; check them out. I'd prefer nice sunny days myself, but I would not let the weather ruin my vacation. Good Luck - I hope you enjoy your trip!


Play hide the sausage?

EDIT: That was a J/K. I think @susan11125 has several good ideas.


Remember that it's better to be rained on in Cancun than deal with "sunny" florescent lighting at work.

I've been rained on in lots of amazing places and it's still a great time.


@susan11125: Thanks for the ideas, I just hope we have 1 or 2 days of sun to enjoy.


Still enjoy it.

Went to Walt Disney World a couple of years ago with our oldest son and his family. Rained every afternoon - just about 3 pm - you just got wet and moved on.

One day it REALLY rained and we were all soaked to the skin. Went back to the hotel to change. We had just gotten into the room and kicked the TV on - found out we were in a tornado warning and it (funnel cloud only) was about 2 miles from us.

Shortly later we went out to eat - you just simply deal with it.

Or you can sit around and whine. We chose to have fun.


Get wet :)

Seriously, you'll deal, and you'll love it. Way better than being at work...


@mtm2: That's called "summer" down here.


paid for a shore house rental, rained all week. I do not mean that it sprinkled, or that it was cloudy and grey, it poured. When you travel to the shore to go swimming and it rains, you become imaginative.

Board games, site seeing, museums, antique stores, eating (a lot), oh yeah and shockingly we relaxed on the vacation. Haven't been that well rested in years. I've been going to the shore every year since I was a kid, and I am normally tired when I get back (you know the "I need a vacation at the end of the vacation").


I am not complaining or whining just looking for ideas for alternative activities. We will make the best of our wet situation.


My friend and I joke that people who are experiencing droughts should pay us to come vacation there, as it rains everywhere we go for vacation. Especially funny since we live in the desert. We took a Caribbean cruise one year, signed up to go river tubing in Jamaica. After a long bus ride in pouring rain we got to the river and they said it wasn't safe due to lightning. We liked that cruise so much we repeated it the next year. "This year", we said, "we'll get to go river tubing in Jamaica." Hurricane Ivan chased us all over the Caribbean and smashed Jamaica flat before we got there. We ended up hugging the Mexican coast and stopping at various ports rather than the planned destinations. We've decided we should stay away from Jamaica for the safety of the people there. But with it raining everywhere we go, we have learned that you can still do most everything you want. Get a waterproof sleeve for your camera, carry a rain poncho in your pocket, and carry on!


@mkentosh: Nice! The same thing went through my head except I would have wrote it as: "bow chicka wow wow"

It rained on us one day in Cancun, but it wasn't a downpour. It was around this time of year and the rain felt nice as it was still very warm out. We sat on the balcony and enjoyed the sounds and smells of the rain. The resort was all-inclusive, so the drinks were "free". Have some drinks, chat-up some fellow tourists and just relax. I find vacations to be better when you don't "have" to go do activities, anyway.


Since it is a week away, the weather can change drastically. Hell, even if it was tomorrow, it could change.

Raining doesn't stop the fun, but lightning might. Since most things people do in Cancun revolve around the water, rain isn't a deterrent. The cenotes tour is great, Catamaran's are awesome, Xcaret Park is perfect for wet days. You can also do the shopping tours.

Just remember: Wet underwear chafes. Wear your bathing suit on those days. Living in Akumal for 6 months kinda makes you learn that lesson quick.


My wife and I had our honeymoon in Cancun over a decade ago, and although it rained a couple of times, WE HAD THE BEST TIME EVER.

1) Check out the water parks (XCaret or Xel Ha). I prefer XCaret with it's snorkable rivers, beaches, shows, etc., but Xel Ha has a really long river. You can swim with dolphins at both places. I've only done the dolphin thing at XCaret. Park employees take video/pictures, and you can buy those afterwards.
2) Go to Isla Mujeres, which is a small island accessible by boat off of Cancun. My wife and I rented a golf cart to drive around the island. It was fun to drive around in the rain. There's a turtle farm (Tortuga farm), another water park (not as good as XCaret or Xel Ha), and a very quaint shopping area that isn't as busy as Cancun's shopping area.
3) if you're feeling adventurous, take a tour bus from Cancun to Chichen Itza. It will take all day, but visiting Mayan Pyramids is awesome.
4) Tulum (Mayan ruins by the beach) is also close.


Chichenitza gets a lot of attention, but I found Tulum to be much more beautiful. Maybe it's because we had an annoying guide and it was beastly hot at Chichenitza, and a great guide and a comparatively cool day with a spatter of rain at Tulum. But just this weekend looking at the photos from both we were saying how much more we'd enjoyed Tulum.