questionswhere are you selling your bowling pins? we buy…


@captainsuperdawg: There is a never-ending supply of newcomers, which is a Good Thing. Some are more clueful than others, of course; we mostly hear from the clue-challenged crowd. But if they're not familiar with the site and/or do little shopping on-line, there's no particular reason to expect them to understand the vagaries of this particular.

(Then again, I'm used to teaching folks how to set up and use a home-banking system when they're not sure what a browser is or how to tell which browser they use, so newbie questions are pretty routine for me to handle.)


@lavikinga: that answer applies to 40% of all the questions on here. When will these people learn?


@lenlan10: Because somebody has to say it...Deals.woot is a deal aggregator so it can't track an order for you or tell you which is the best deal for you. Deals.woot doesn't sell bowling pins, tires, shoes or any sort of goods. It's merely a site to find links to great deals elsewhere on the web that have been found by regular folks like you (and the crazy people who contributed to this thread) and posted to share with the members.

If you had a specific question on an ebay deal someone posted on, you need to go BACK to that specific deal and ask your question IN THAT SPECIFIC THREAD. The deal poster should be able to help you.

Don't mind the goofy answers here. I'm blaming it on hurricane jitters. It was all in good fun as a result of what even you will admit came across an odd question to ask the community. Welcome to!


I don't sell my bowling pins, I hoard them. I have hundreds of them of all shapes and sizes -ten pin, candle pin, duck pin, 9 pin, some of those 5 pin ones you see in Canada- hundreds I tell you, and they're all mine. I won't sell them. Ever.

I'm going for the world record of bowling pin hoarding, because I can't...


I absolutely love that the mods tagged this with fill-in-the-blank. So lighten up, @lenlan10.

@wilcononomous: believe it


@klozitshoper: both, whatever i can get my five finger discount on. i would sell some to @lenlan10 but he's being kinda mean.. there is no rush on getting bowling pins, ever


@straub: Hahahaahahaa!!!! Oh, man! Thanks for the laugh! As the Great Homer once said, "It's funny cuz it's true."


@lenlan10: This is deals.woot... It's probably not the place for people with "valuable" time.


@lenlan10: you never finished your question. look up there, it's cutoff.


believe I ate the whoooole thing!


If you don't have an answer to my questions. DO NOT LEAVE AN ANSWER. YOU ARE WASTING MY VALUABLE TIME!


i steal mine from the bowling alley at night. they don't miss 1 or 2

vote-for6vote-against, I can't talk.
Only thing about me is the way I walk.
I can't dance, I can't sing
I'm just standing here selling everything.


...fight this feeling anymore.
I've forgotten what I started fighting for.
It's time to bring this ship into the shore,
And throw away the oars, forever.


...stand not havin me some more bowling pins


...I can't...I can't stand losin', I can't......I can't...I can't stand losin'...


get no, satisfaction. Cause I try and I try and I try and I try.
I can't get no, I can't get no.


get next to you, babe. (No matter what I do)
I can't get next to you.