questionsanyone sad that the staples ink recycling reward…


I was upset when they dropped it from $3 to $2, and set a maximum of 10 cartridges per month.

Since I buy all my ink from Meritline for about 10% of what I would pay at Staples, this is pretty much the end of the twenty bucks a month worth of free stuff for me, and I suspect that's precisely why Staples is changing the program.


Yep, sad here too. I need to read up on Office Depot and Office Max ink recycling programs. Do they offer anything worthwhile?


Office Depot and Office Max both earn you $2 per cartridge - OEM cartridges only, not remanufactured. Both require you to spend the same amount of money as the reward to actually earn the reward. For example, if you recycle 7 ink cartridges, you will get a $14 reward but on a future rewards cycle after making $14 in purchases at the store.

If you don't make any purchases that month, it looks like you'll forfeit the rewards at Office Depot, but at Office Max the rewards are held as long as the following January until you make a qualifying purchase.


I don't print much at home. I buy ink cartridges about once per year.


As someone who works at Staples, I have some insight into this.

For regular customers this isn't an issue, this was meant to curb the mules who work for larger companies that would drop off 20 to 300 cartridges in several short periods of time (often the same day). More often than naught, these people were using fake accounts or one person would have several tied to their name.

The decrease in ink returns ($3 to $2) as well as them no longer paying out at the register was because of this same group of mules, payouts with this group often amounted to more than $100 & was pure lunacy.

On the other hand, some of the local schools would do something similar, where the teachers would all sign up for teacher rewards, a secretary would come in and drop them off, then proceed to buy supplies for the school with the rewards. So its a double-edged sword, hurt the mules and the local schools....

Idk, with Office Depot/Office Max combining in the near future this will probably change again.


Don't forget that you also score 5% in rewards on everything now!

All in all, it's not a problem for me. I use ink rewards to buy stuff that's free after rebate, and then use the rebates to buy stuff that's free after rewards. I usually hit the $1,000 for premier (20 ink carts per month) by the end of march. $480 in rewards all in return for spending $60 per year on ink (that I can resell on ebay for about half of what I paid). Considering we use rewards to buy all our TP, laundry detergent, handsoap and dish soap, fabric softener, paper towels, coffee, creamer, sugar, and other goodies throughout the year, it's still a great deal for me. And for my wife, she has her own rewards account as well. $960 in rewards annually between the two of us.

Used rewards to buy my daughter a kindle fire last month too....

Don't get me wrong, we actually spend money at staples as well. We've bought two laptops and a desktop there in the last 2 years.


Spending a minimum of $30 on ink every 6 months won't be a problem for me. Even if I purchase one multipack in those 6 months, or 2 singles, I can still purchase additional multipacks cheaper elsewhere the rest of the time. Or am I missing something?


Very sad that this program ended. But someone always has to ruin a good thing. As the staples employee posted, people take advantage. I have 2 family members, who are county employees, who would collect ink cartridges in bulk from work & turn them in for monthly rewards. So not only are they commiting " theft of services" @ work & robbing the tax payers, they contributed to discontinuing this great plan!!!


It pisses me off that they readily accepted my 10 cartridges without telling me about the change. When I finally returned to the store to complain about the missing customer rewards, I was surprised to learn of the change and even more shocked at the attitude of the manager. Staples may have taken my cartridges, but they've certanly lost a good customer.


I always used my rewards credit to buy the new ink. Because of this, I obviously hadn't met the minimum. They accept 13 cartridges from me before I realized that I hadn't received a check from the previous month. I also hadn't heard about the changes. Disappointed.


I did not know of this change until I dropped off 8 ink cartridges and saw zero credit. I am switching to Office Max/Depot. Staples is very teacher unfriendly.


I also dropped off 10 cartridges and got no credit after purchasing over $40 in ink at Staples during the 6 month period. I call and complained and got absolutely no where. They really hurt the little guy by changing their policy and I plan to use Office Depot or someone else in the future