questionsis it ok to get (2) identical mother's day gifts…


Since the gift represents how YOU feel about someone, and it works for both people, why not? However, picking something up next to the cash register on your way out doesn't work so well.


well I was thinking Edible Arrangements.. It's not really a gift you keep.. its a gift you eat..

It could be an exception? yes? maybe?


First Mother's Day for your wife is a BIG DEAL. You might even get her something "signed" from the baby.
I think an edible arrangement , imho, seems kind of generic.
You can do better !

The best gift to me would be make her breakfast, some pampering and a personal note on card.
A gift from the baby --- you could make a hand or foot mold -- just make sure it is all safe stuff of course. Craft shop should know.

PS Have you considered asking her what she would like ?


For two people, yes. I get the same bouquet of flowers for my mother and my mother-in-law. For my wife, flowers are okay, but I get her something in addition.


I would say edible arrangement is fine for your mom, but I would get something different for your wife. It ideally should be about her and the baby, something that represents that new bond. A nice framed photo, a locket with the baby's photo, a "mom" charm bracelet, etc.


Is your mom married? Divorced? That makes a difference.


Meh. Not much though put into this is my guess. Of course you can buy the same gift for 2 people. Yet, I think you should ask yourself if both/either one would like it.

Also, do you have a mother-in-law? You only mentioned your mom and your wife.) Both moms could really like this gift. Or, neither one. If you do not have a MIL, please disregard this comment.

Your wife? Seriously, please try to come up w/another gift for her. BTW: Buying fresh fruit and chocolate at the grocery store would be a much better gift, IMO.


@robingraves: Guess I'm lost on this one. Why would her marital status be important? This one flew over my head. What a woman wants/likes doesn't change. At least for me....


The wife gets extras. The mom gets something generic. Sorry mom, but you're just not the most important woman in my life anymore :)


@gmwhit: Married? Maybe a gift certificate to a place where they like to eat. Single? Maybe a gift certificate to ....or did I get that backwards? My head hurts thinking about the whole time/space continuum thing from BTTF. I knew that I was staying away from the ATC side for a reason....


Bad idea! Okay for your mom, not okay for your wife. Edible Arrangements are pretty Meh! for your wife. As someone else mentioned, the first official Mother's Day is a very special day for most women, and your gift needs to be equally special. Dinner out and maybe a special piece of jewelry commemorating the day. It doesn't have to be expensive; even a small pendant on a necklace or a charm on a bracelet is fine, as long as it's geared to the occasion.

Perhaps something like this:

Or this? (I've purchased from this artist; she does lovely work and you'd have it before Mother's Day.)


I'm with all the folks in favor of a baby-related gift for the wife. Do you have an especially good photo of the baby or of her and the baby? You could get it printed on canvas or metal (Costco or Sams do this). Do you have a lot of photos? Make a photobook. You are getting low on time for a personalized gift,, but if you make your photobook at you can get same day pickup. $20. Walgreens also has same day pickup on canvas prints, calendars and poster prints. You can get 33% off using coupon code 33ALLPHOTO until May 4. Seriously there's just no good rason to give an impersonal gift on such a special day for your wife, her very first Mother's Day.


BTW, not to be a killjoy, but please think of gift giving as a privilege. My best friend would love to get his mom a Mother's Day gift, but she passed away years ago. I no longer get to buy a birthday gift for my brother and my dad in May or Father's Day gifts for them in June because they are gone now. I am in the process of making a picture jasper necklace for my mom and a jade necklace for my sister for Mother's Day this year, and I consider it a blessing that they are still in my life to receive gifts.