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Houdini wine opener sets, Leak Frogs, Kindle Keyboards, Covers for Kindles, including the Fire, etc., Lock & Lock sets, Amazing Sliders, SOG Fish pocket knife and more.

My brain is broken right now. ;-) Note: Not all of these are $50 & under. But, they were good buys! In reality, it's probably too late for woot to stock those items. Just want to say that they'd be welcome to me at any time.


All deals under $10. @gmwhit has expensive tastes in stockings :)


@okham: Why, yes, I probably do. :-/ OTOH, some of the items I suggested would easily fit in the neat stockings that @ohcheri posted. ;-)

Side note: Buying $10 or less items on woot is only a good purchase when you buy multiples. And plan on unlocking the shopping charge. Must be done early in the day. Remember to cross your fingers that there will be other items you want that day.


@okham: I thought about saying $10 or less, too, but I doubt Woot would consider it. $50 or less gives them more variety, but still allows for the less than $10 items as well. I'd also like to add flash drives to my list of stocking stuffers.


Still waiting on Fleur de Sel caramels. Yummmmm! All I want for Christmas!

I've done a lot of stocking stuffering (new word!) on Woot over the years. Since I come from the "under $10" school of stocking stuffers, nothing much has been offered on Woot this year that I can use, but in the past I've bought flying monkeys, earbuds, t-shirts, flash drives, and those little digital photo frame keychains that were under $4. This year I stocked up on fuzzy slipper socks for the girls from another site (accidently ordered twice so I have 16 pair!), and fleece caps for everyone.

My kiddos are pretty much grown so I don't need kid toys for the stockings, but I do need ideas! C'mon, Woot! sounds like a winner!


+1 for 10$ or less items! (that means no tvs or vacuums woot!)


Sansas as far as the eye can see. Leak frogs, knives (cause you can never have too many), flashlights (ditto), maybe some cheaper but still nice pens.


Seriously though, you guys would put a Leak Frog in a stocking?

"Wow, thanks for the Leak Frog, Santa!" said nobody ever.


Woot! seems to be under the impression that I have money. I would like to here and now dissuade them of this notion. What I need/want is cool tiny stuff that doesn't cost very much. Maybe even something a tad bit kitschy. The other year, I got my (adult) friend a nightlight shaped like the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. I am mightily tempted to buy him a Star Wars bobble head this year. This is money Woot could be taking from me if they'd only offer the right stuff. (I missed the lightsaber flashlights yesterday sob)


Too many woot sites already...


@mkentosh: I see what you did there. :-) Not holding my breath. Though Santa's Bag WAS a nice treat last year. Sob, sniffle.


Since they already have an "Enduring Holidays" site, it would be sooooo nice if they just added some stocking stuffers!


@lotsofgoats: Thanks a lot. I'll send you the bill for my new keyboard and monitor. ;)


I always thought that's what sellout.woot was for. Have I been doing it wrong all these years?


@inkycatz: Uh, those lamps will not fit in stockings! Perhaps you could put a stocking over the base and have a stocking leg lamp.


Pretty good ideas. I like the stocking stuffer concept.

Have you guys bought anything from the enduring holidays pop-up shop over at, or do you think we should have gone with the stocking stuffer approach?


@shawnmiller: Nope, haven't bought anything. Enduring is not Endearing to me. Have you read this question about pop.woot?


@gmwhit: Yep. Seems universal from that group of folks that stocking stuffers would have been a hit.

Did you at least notice the blinking holiday lights on the homepage? :)


@shawnmiller: Urrrmmm No. I didn't notice those beautiful and festive blinking lights. I must have blinked. Thanks for pointing them out.

Just a thought - there's still time to do a stocking.stuffer. Don't know if you have enough stock available, but you can see that it would be more of a hit. (If you would be so kind, please add some more blinking lights, too.)

vote-for1vote-against is back. this time with more stocking stuffers.