questionswill you please watch this video?


Just to give some info:

To This Day Project - Shane Koyczan

It's a spoken word poem set to animation and music about being bullied.


Thanks for posting, moose. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume there are more than a handful of us that have been there.


A friend of mine linked that on Facebook the other day. I was very impressed, to say the least. It's inspirational and poignant without being (in my opinion) preachy or whiny. It even brought back a few memories from my own past.


@moosezilla: I may not always agree w/you, but I so appreciate what you say. Thank you for this question.

Yes, I do believe bullying is wrong. Dead wrong. For children. I also think that anyone over the age of 18, to perhaps, 25 needs to stop blaming their current life on what happened to them in the past.

Life is, indeed, hard. Difficult. But, please do step up and take responsibility for what happens to you from now on. Your choice. Stop making excuses. And being a *victim". You are not.


That's an amazingly similar story as to how I got my nickname...


@drchops: Your grandmother gave you Karate Chops?


@purplefeather: I watched it and the reruns ran in my mind of the past, as I had more than a few occasions of being devastated. It is a very powerful piece, well spoken. I placed a link on my own facebook page, and I don't share videos very often.


Very powerful, so moving. Thanks for sharing.


From someone whose nickname was woof in school that video was quite powerful.


That video gave me chills, thanks so much for sharing.

YOU, all my Woot Friends, are beautiful!


@gmwhit: I both agree and disagree. For many adults, there can be some legitimate PTSD around childhood events that requires more than just hauling oneself up by the bootstraps. We are currently dealing with just such problems with our 27 year old son, so this is an issue very close to home. In his case, Aspergers Syndrome made him "different" enough that he was constantly the victim of bullies. I won't go into details, but since he graduated and got out of that nasty high school environment he seemed to have recovered beautifully. Unfortunately, just before Christmas he was attacked physically and verbally by someone near our family. Now he is struggling. Nightmares, anxiety, panic attacks. We are working with him and his doctor, but it's tough. Very tough.


@belyndag: My sincere apologies to you. As you may have guessed, this was not directed to any adult w/disorders such as your son has. So hope that he will gain back all the progress he had made and recover again.


@gmwhit: I dealt with some bullying as a child in school, but what has really impacted me as an adult has been bullying from my family.

Name calling, nearly constant reminders that I was "weird" and didn't fit in. Even now as an adult I have to deal with these things. They tell me that it was all harmless joking, the kind that all families participate in. They don't understand why I hate being around them, and in fact avoid situations that might lead to us being in the same place for more than a couple hours.

These people were my family. They were supposed to love and protect me and accept me no matter what (at least that's what everything in society told me to believe.) But they turned out to be the biggest bullies in my life. So much so that when I was bullied at school I just took that to be "normal" and never complained or thought anything of it until I was grown and realized that it WASN'T normal to be treated that way. That's not so easy to "get over."


I'm so glad that deals was off-line for a while. That gave me time to extract my foot from my mouth. Sorry I didn't explain what I was attempting to say. I failed. Sorry that, perhaps, I was misunderstood. My fault.

But most of all, I would like to extend a blanket apology to all.


I was bullied for being different in school in regards to something I could not change (at the time.) I have mild cerebral palsy, and am pretty lucky to have lived after a complicated preemie birth. Kids made fun of the way I walked, and one time, I caught the school bully mimicking my slight to pronounced left leg limp.

I was so enraged at that moment, that I wanted to do terrible things to this person. But, fearing retribution by his pals and/or the school administration, I walked off in an angry silence. To this day, I now know that the bully in question is still running his same tricks to gain admiration from his peers.

He's a real Scumbag Steve, personified more so that the actual "Scumbag Steve."

I have won the power struggle here, kid. I'm working on getting a solid education with a focus on Psychology (minor Anthropology,) and he's still doing nothing much. /endrant


@gmwhit: Haha! Sorry if I came off as a little harsh. You touched a nerve, you know? ;)


@purplefeather Please do not apologize to me. I erred, not you. I do understand what you said.

Somehow @bmw66x explained where I did not. S/he seems to have grown from the terrible experience. Recognizes the negative impact on their life. And, appears to have learned from it. In spite of, or because of, s/he has moved on. In a most positive way.