questionscan you give me stocking stuffer ideas for tween…


Condoms. Seriously, my mom started giving me condoms when I was 16 and they were a godsend. A bit awkward to be sure, but much appreciated.


Do your three sons have interests? I would say this information is pretty important for answering your question.


iTunes gift cards? That's my go-to for teenaged people. Similarly, cheap headphones, because my son is always losing or breaking his. Also, anything they tend to steal from you, therefore my boys are getting scissors and tape in their stockings.


@meanjoeira - My husband has that issue covered, LOL!! Actually not a bad idea, but I also have a younger child and on Christmas morning I wouldn't want have to deal with the explanation that would have to follow the "what's that" question.

@studerc -
The oldest is into music, but his tastes seem to change on a daily basis. His entire life lately seems to be split between friends and work!

The second one really likes oddball sciencey stuff (I have gotten him stuff from ThinkGeek in the past). He likes to go against the flow and will intentionally cultivate interests in activities that none of his friends are involved in.

The tween is a gamer. Also interested in techie/science type stuff, but would need to be geared toward the slightly younger age range.


1) Spare earbuds with microphone - Skullcandy Ink'd Mic'd at TJMaxx are good for the money ($10)

2) Nitinol wire - Used to be able to get it under the biometal / musclewire brands at Edmund Scientific. It's a shape-memory-alloy structured as a linear actuator. You can build all sorts of stuff using it to move things.

3) Some good quality thermal paste - a little tube would probably be the right price / size


Candy, DVDs, collectible cards (baseball, etc), mini lego sets, scratch-off lottery tickets (if you're not against it).


Cash. Maybe it's not interesting, but they will like it more than something you think is interesting :-)


Silly Putty! Or is that just my family? We all always get Silly Putty in our stockings. Also lip balm/chapstick/Blistex and, when we lived in Michigan a pair of those little stretchy gloves. Useful things for the cold weather. Not always "fun" gifts, but definitely useful. Candy might be good. Mini-Nerf guns are always fun...but only if you give one to everyone (maintain the balance of power!) and maybe add in some extra ammunition. I think someone mentioned little Lego sets. I always get at least one of those. The little Hex Bugs are fun too (check the Target Christmas area for a lot of these little toys and things).
Last year my Mom got my brother-in-law and me a book on how to build "weapons" out of office supplies and such and a bunch of the supplies needed (a pen, a plastic spoon, rubber bands, binder clips, some clothespins, etc). You could do a similar themed stocking.


Thanks everyone, there are some really helpful ideas here!

@jjkehoe - I have added fingernail clippers to my list as an item they always steal from me!

@psaux - I had never heard of nitinol wire before, but it sounds awesome. Exactly the kind of thing they would get a kick out of!

@pitamuffin - I will consider scratch cards for my oldest!

@kmeltzer - Good point, I think I'm too stubborn to go with cash! :)

@gt0163c - Silly putty is cool, but it only took one instance of having it end up permanently embedded in the carpet for me to ban it from my house! I particularly like the household supply weapons. I have already looked up a couple of those books on Amazon!

@belowi - I have pocket knife keychains on my list now!


Boxers (or what have you) and socks.

I know it doesn't sound like much and they won't appreciate it at all, but they will make use of them many, many times. Has anyone ever heard of kids getting tired of their underwear and placing them in a box in the closet?

Something else I thought of would be to give them each a few "get out of chores for a day" cards. Lord knows I wanted some of those when I was young.


All above answers are interesting, but my go-to would be ca$h....the color and size never go out of style and will always be used.


"The second one really likes oddball sciencey stuff "

If he likes electronics, may want to check out or