questionswhat's a good tent for the occasional family…


I've had a Walmart one for years and had no issues, but that can always vary. I do know that if a tent says it sleeps 4 people, it usually realistically only sleeps 2. So make sure you can see the tent assembled or at least make sure you buy a tent that sleeps more than what you actually need. Newer tents seem to have gotten smaller for the same number of people for some stupid reason. I guess the expect you to stack up like firewood.


What's your budget? Car camping tents can range anywhere from $50 to $500, depending on quality.

Also, what kind of conditions do you anticipate camping in? If you're just looking to go camping a couple times a year in the summer, in a spot where there's no rain or wind, you'll probably do fine with a cheap-o Walmart tent. If wind/rain will be a factor, it's probably worth ponying up a little more and investing in a better quality tent.