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Two-dollar bills. And small-size single Silver Certificates.


@nephrectomy1: Oh, that's a good one too! When I remember to, I always ask for two dollar bills at the bank!


@mrmucox: Cool. And if your bank gives you consecutive serial numbers, do not fold them, but put them away for the future, being careful to store them flat.

But I am a collector, so I am more actively looking for Red Seals, and the older Green Seals that are not generally in circulation.


@nephrectomy1: Interestingly, I've discovered that, if you ask for any amount in "small bills with non-consecutive serial numbers," the tellers will whisper amongst themselves and people in the back will stare at you and mumble things into telephones.

I once took $5k out of the bank and asked for it all in small bills with non-consecutive serial numbers. There was quite a bit of chatter.

As for my fetishes... well... almost too many to count.

1) Watches. I own 40 watches from Breitlings to Omegas to Invictas to everything in between. I have one in every colour dial to match all my shirts. I have them in automatic, in manual (wind up), in swiss movement, in Japanese movement, in Chinese movement, etc. Love them. Love the way they move and tick and feel on my wrist.

2) Single Malt whiskies. I've over 100 of these open and many not. I like to drink whichever one suits my mood.

3) Books. Packing for a move... I have over 100 paper ream boxes of books. And I'm not done packing


Music - and I have a habit of collecting everything my current favorite singer has every recorded. I like to have it all. Since I prefer indie artists it is pretty easy to do this as they don't put out more than one CD a year.

Books - I read a lot - by a lot I mean a book or three a week, like my music I tend to read everything an author has written. Which helps with the reading habit anyway. I also read them in order of publication date if I can. I keep a list and checking them off. Nora Robers keeps me the most busy as she puts out more books than I can honestly keep up with.

Soaps - I love scented soaps.


@nephrectomy1: I used to ride the WA state ferries in Seattle twice a day, M-F, for a year and all they always gave me $2 bills as change. I never could find a use for them and they kept accumulating, now they just sit in the safety deposit box.


@nephrectomy1: Really? I know that I have at least one red seal bill that I got at a banka couple years ago, I never realized that sequential bills could be worth extra, thanks for the insight!i more have the want to be a bill collector, I honestly only go to the bank once or twice a year though.


Domain names seem to be mine I keep collecting them, ideas that I'll almost never get around to implementing, odd holiday days that I like the idea of (for example @lavikinga's ),and weird ones that just catch my eye. I just bought another .info domain for no good reason at all Unhelpful .info (space to keep from making a spammy link)

It's possible that I have mild domain name addiction...


@eneref: Holy heck that is a lot of watches! I have one that I wear exclusively, even made the watchband myself because I couldn't find a cloth one I liked. Oh, and that is a lot of liquor, though I myself don't drink so it's lost on me anyways ^_^;


Bags of Crap. I don't really know why, but when I get them, I get this feeling of elation and then I have to brag to everybody I know (and some that I don't) that I got one.

When I think of more, I will post later.


I have this irrational fascination with big snow globes, with tiny shiny golden flakes of glitter falling across the painted snow peaked roofs of grandma's house...

Oh heck - just give me that dang hot buttered rum. Let's DANCE!


1. Gadgets/Technology - Love all sorts of technology. I have four desktop computers (1 not running, soon to get another one that won't be running), 1 netbook, 1 laptop, a Blu-Ray player, a WD TV Live, Sansa Fuze 4GB, etc.

2. Mystery Boxes - I have purchased from almost every company I can find. Woot, IHTHT, SnaggStuff, EasyStreetDeals, TandTdailydeals, etc. Not sure what I'm looking for, but I enjoy the mystery.

3. Baseball cards - Not so much anymore, but still have boxes and boxes and boxes of cards (mid 2000's and earlier). Would love to get back into the collecting scene, but don't have enough money.


@theoneill555: you know $2 bills are real money you could have spent them, or given them back the next day when you bought a new ticket at the ferry.


@theoneill555: From WA state, you likely have mostly San Francisco district notes. Depending on how long ago you obtained them, they may be the 1976 series, and worth a bit more.

@mrmucox: Your red seal could be a 1928, 1953, or 1963 series, the older the more valuable.

But of course, the biggest factor to determine worth is the condition. The closer to brand-new, the better.


Cookbooks. Not just any kind. The old community, self published, kind. The shear number of congealed salad recipes they contain is frightening. And the ingredients they involve are disturbing. Very, very, disturbing.


@hobbit: It just doesn't seem like real money, I think that is why I have trouble spending them just like the Susan B's, gold dollars, and 50 cent pieces.


1. Sunglasses. At first I got them because I needed them for UV protection after my Lasik surgery, but now I have a pretty big collection.

2. Watches. I love watches.

3. Tech stuff. All shapes and sizes.


I am very much into red wine. Dry red, none of that sweet crap. I don't have an appreciation for white and I don't know why.

I don't give keys back. I guess I am a kleptomaniac when it comes to keys.

I am addicted to anime. My wife has tried to figure out why, but she is still confused why a 26yo man still is watching cartoons.


Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

Totally addicted. Unfortunately it's just about dead now...


I did it.
I've been worried about it all morning.
Now it's done.

All told.


@jumbowoot: BOOOOOOO!!!!! OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!

The word you changed has many different meanings, both g rated and r rated. I think that in this case since most of the people on here realize to keep it clean, they have done so.

But then again you are the boss. Also another word you can replace it with is 'quirk.'


@jumbowoot: I think the current vernacular that best suits this question is
"What is your guilty pleasure?"


@sgoman5674: They didn't "do so", offending material also edited away, let's let him keep his head so that his shoulders aren't...

All mowed.


@jumbowoot: Understood, I tattled on the perpetrator, I knew someone would go over the line at some point. Oh, and as @durkzilla pointed out, guilty pleasure might be better.


@hobbit: done.

@mrmucox: yeah I saw it. I thought it said Burn, not the other word. Maybe it was me unconsciously changing it to something clean. I dislike party poopers.


@jumbowoot: Actually, before I saw that last post (which apparently at least four people tattled on), I hadn't been reading this thread because of the connotations of the previous title. Words have meanings. I applaud the title change, since it more closely approximates what I think the original poster intended.

Sometimes you're right. This is one of those times.


@shrdlu: Yes, you are correct, it is more reflective of what I was going for. I guess I was going for a more catchy title, my mistake.


@mrmucox: I don't actually have guilt about any of the following, although perhaps I should. Some of my passions are antique auctions, jewelry, Shakespeare (I have plays and collections that date from the early 1700's), and other older books (I have a two volume set of Josephus, with a translation dating from 1841, and I am on the lookout for the original, in Latin).

I would define my collecting old books as irrational because I buy them simply to collect. I have volumes that are damaged enough by mold that they have to be kept separate from the rest (book mold is contagious, and can destroy entire libraries).

I have a Kindle arriving this Friday, and will be happy to load it up with any number of wonderful volumes of ancient works.


Sweet and sour chicken. I try it wherever I go. I'm like Johnny Depp's character in "Once Upon a Time in Mexico."


@shrdlu: Oh, I also collect old books, but mostly old Boy Scout books. I realized mold was bad, but never that bad, though, I don't think I would ever bring a moldy book into my home.

I don't have a Kindle, but I do use Kindle for iPad, iPod, and Android. I've read a few books so far that way, and it's awesome, though, not always as cheap as buying the real thing. Oh well, that's the price for progress.

As for guilt, I don't have any, well... maybe the boots.


@jumbowoot: Sorry for the strong reaction. I misread the offending post initially and didn't put 2 and 2 together.

@shrdlu: I have thought long and hard about getting a kindle, but I can't justify buying one. The only time I am really sit down and enjoy a good book is on Shabbos when I can't use electronics. Besides, I like the feel of paper in my hands. Probably why I worked in a library for two years.


@sgoman5674: Make no mistake. I love books. Love. Them. I actually intend the Kindle to be for things that are ephemeral, like newspapers, and technical references. When I want to look up exactly which command string goes with tcpdump so that I'll be able to capture oversized packets, and I want something that's one step up from a man page, a Kindle will be perfect. A newspaper subscription is only slightly less expensive on Kindle than not, but I can have multiple newspapers if I choose, and still use the web browser (which they advertise as being strictly beta) to read the local one, too.

The cost is less significant to me than it might be to you. I've paid more for shoes than I paid for the 3G Kindle. I actually looked at all three (including the ~$350 9.5 inch one), and settled on the 6 inch 3G. I looked at the Nook too, and I've held and used both of them.

@mrmucox: If you have ANY brown spots on ANY pages, that's mold getting a start. Just in case you weren't aware.


You guys are all awesome. :)

Cheeseburgers- I honestly consider myself a connoiseur of ground beef deliciousness,

T-shirts- Since the internet began, I have bought more shirts than i will ever wear in my lifetime, be they from Woot or any of the other super awesome shirt sites (the best being, and I wind up only having a 6 or 7 t-shirt rotation.

Media- I have the biggest backlog of unread books, magazines, DVDs from blockbuster and netflix, and a full DVR. There's about 50 movies (and that's only sci-fi)that have recently come out, or that will, that i desperately want to see, but won't for one reason or another. And I do my best to discover at least one new band each day. Music is my life, and even at this pace I couldn't ever hear it all, which breaks my heart.


Vintage rhinestone pins and earrings - gaudy, shiny, colorful, I MUST have them. I have 5 fishing tackle boxes, carefully divided, full of sparkling things. Many more are not sorted, kind of just laid out in a dresser drawer. I finally stopped buying them about 3 years ago, but it was a 5-year obsession.


Some people consider me to be a strange guy, I consider myself to be quite boring. I don't have any obsessive hobbies, and, as a general rule, tend to not feel all that strongly about most things. A couple years ago I realized that my life was incomplete without some sort of weird OCD issue or strange fetish, so I created one: I always keep any hair I cut off. I like to think that this will one day morph into a full-blown break with reality; some day I will be saving my hair so that the aliens won't be able to clone me or to keep the robots from sending their DNA sniffing attack bees after me.

For now, I simply have a plethora of Ziploc baggies of my own hair, though I did make a fantastic fake mustache and beard hair makes for great pube-esque practical jokes. I don't feel like it is a really great abnormal fixation since I did invent it myself.


Oh yeah, one more thing. If any of you have some extra teeth lying around that you would like to donate to me, I have convinced my jeweler sister to make me a teeth necklace. So far I have managed to collect my own wisdom teeth, my wife's, my ex-girlfriend's (I'm not too sure when I received those), and some that I think are one of my aunt's teeth.

I just realized that this should probably be considered my abnormal fixation. I didn't even read what everyone else posted and though I assumed everyone posted weird things I see that the guy above me posted his fixations as cheeseburgers, t-shirts, and media and now I am thinking that I may have over shared.

Nevertheless, I truly do want your teeth. Anybody know if dentist offices collect all the teeth they pull? Is their any chance they would give me those teeth?


Chinese Chess, Xiangqi or "Elephant Chess"

I spend probably a bit too much of my time playing this fascinating game online and at coffee houses. I am also a fan of this sport:


@josefresno: I used to love the EA game Archon, since it combined Chess, D&D, and an Arcade style game all in one. I'd have to forgo the chess boxing, but it's certainly interesting that it exists.