questionscan your kitty recommend some good cat toys?


Small sisal mice, mylar balls (for the crinkly noise), stuff attached to a wand, light up balls.

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@katblue: LOL...good point...especially under the furniture!


@pamfenway: My cat has taught me to fetch his ping pong balls. I'm getting pretty good at it.


Ear plugs. No joke, she freaking goes nuts for the little foam bright orange or purple ear plugs.


@fraxcat: So if that is the penultimate toy, what is the last one?

As for my cat, it is simple: Piece of string, laser pointer and a dead bug.


Ping-pong balls. Doesn't seem like they'd enjoy this, but it depends on the cat. One of mine was crazy for them. No other toy rolls so well--every time they touch the ball it rolls away. But be sure to put the balls away at night 'cause they make a racket on anything but carpeted floors!


I asked my cat and she replied: "Meow, meow. Meooow, meowwer, hiss, hiss."
For $5 I will translate it for you.


Red Fuzzy Octopus w/Bell

Kitten #1 Loves this toy... He will toss it all around, attempt to eat the fuzzy part, then race around the house with it in his mouth diving at anybody he finds where he promptly sits and hisses if you try to take it.

Cat #1 Loves this toy in a different way... He licks the fuzzy part like its a baby kitten in need of a good cleaning... Then he proceeds to try to rip it apart and eat the insides...

Super Fuzzy Mice

Same reaction as above, I am starting to believe this will be the common reaction to anything overly fuzzy...

Kitten #1 is on an outdoor kick currently, anything from dead straw to catternine tails he loves to play with.

They both play with those round things with the balls that go around a track with a scratch pad in the center.


You know the toy with a stick and string, that's tied to a ball? My moms cat loves that toy! You bounce the ball just out of his reach, then swing it in circles around his head. He throws a lazy swat, so you start bouncing it (lightly) off his roly-poly tummy. He yowls, then attacks with all the fury of a killer sloth! Yeah, he's just that tough. When he decides he has won the battle, he gives a final hiss and stalks away. He sure does love that toy!


If your cat likes catnip but you don't like the mess of loose leaves, you could try "Pawbreakers"-- they're solid balls of catnip. They can be rolled and whacked around the floor, but they're still completely edible.

Or if you want to see your cat lose its mind, you could try the 12-pound "Clawbreakers" version that's made for lions, tigers, etc.

I also know a cat that loves the Fling-ama-String (obsessively at times). But I've heard some cats aren't that interested in it, and it's not the cheapest toy. Probably best to consider your cat's personality before trying it.


How about fresh catnip or cat grass? Some kitties just about die. If you're looking for interaction, you can find toys using fresh catnip online. It can be a different response than dried catnip toys.

Seconding the laser pointer.


The penutimate cat toy has been, and will be for the rest of eternity, a 5$ keyfob laser pointer. It NEVER gets old.