questionshave you seen amazon's latest subscribe and saveā€¦


It's almost not worth even using anymore. It used to be very convenient, but now I seem to spend more time trying to work around it.

Between this and their new "Add On" scam, I'm just about done with them. If they start charging tax, I'm gone for good.


@machgogogo: I'm already looking for other sources for things. What is the "add on" you are talking about? Maybe I haven't run into it.

What galls me is they don't even tell you so can order more of something to tide you over. Bad business IMO.


Oh I saw "add on" - it seems like they use that to designate things that cost less than $25 but ship with whatever else you buy that qualifies for the $25 free shipping thing.

So, it could be pretty much anything that costs less than $25. I bought something that was listed as an "add on" but it didn't really affect what I paid since I have Prime - I don't know if it would've been Prime-eligible without buying something else. I guess it's a little fuzzy to me.


I'm confused about the shipping change you talked about for the immediate shipments. I looked on my account and clicked on "need more right away" for something in my subscribe and save list and I was given 2 options for free shipping - 3-5 day delivery or 2 day delivery. This no longer had the subscribe and save discount applied to the purchase though, which I think is a change. Note that I am a Prime member, that may be the difference.

Thanks for letting us know about changes.


@mkdr: Right. I don't have prime and won't get it. Just more money for Amazon and no real benefit to me.

I think if enough people contact them and gripe they'll have to do something about it. I already have today and will continue since for many things I get they do have the best prices.

I think this is really going to impact their bottom line instead of saving money like they hope.


I always thought subscribe & save was a dumb idea, but I always get downvoted for saying so.

Oops, here they come...


It's a fantastic idea. I get food much cheaper than I could at the store, delivered free. This is great since I am disabled and can't get to the store. Same things with supplements. Many are cheaper than most other places.


@tsfisch: I think Subscribe and Save can be really helpful for certain items. I have friends who are able to predict the quantity/timing of diapers or formula and it's one less thing to worry about; plus, they don't need to bring a baby/toddler to a store and then haul large/heavy boxes into their car/house while dealing with said baby/toddler. I'm not sure if amazon offers S&S for "feminine hygiene products," but that's another category of item with predictable use. I've used it for a few food items; I believe I changed the delivery dates/time frame on every single item, each time! However, if they offered S&S for the food that my dogs eat, I would absolute subscribe.

@minkeygirl7, I hadn't seen the news; thank you for posting! I agree with @machgogogo that this diminishes my interest in the program, but (unfortunately), I often find amazon to be cheaper than local merchants for so many things - although most of what I buy from amazon is stuff that I can't find locally.


I ran into this earlier this week when I tried to reorder stuff I'm running low on. I have the choice between waiting till November or paying regular price. At 15% off everything was slightly higher than local store prices so regular price is way too high for the convenience. So I've cancelled all my S&S groceries and will get them locally now.


I do not use this program but curious....What if you cancel and then order a "new" one?

I would be rather put out if I found this new rule. I would likely be in the group cancelling all my stuff.


@pattiq: You used to be able to do that but now if you cancel and start a new subscription, it sets it up for the date each month when you get your deliveries. My delivery day is the 25th of every month so it sets it up for then, having me wait 3 weeks.

They also changed it that if you need an extra delivery you not only pay full price not the S&S discount price but shipping.

I just called them and ripped a guy a new one. It was worth it because he gave me a $25 credit to anything I want. Sweet!


Yeah I'm disappointed, too. As a prime memeber, I just buy my stuff the old way and remember to reorder. Almost everything I used to S&S too is now only a 5% discount anyways, which is not worth the slow shipping that they use.

Also folks, please remember that Amazon does simply start charging tax, states pass laws which require Amazon to charge tax. In the past, Amazon has successfully lobbied state legislatures into making up loopholes for them not charging taxes. They are now fed up and want the revenue, in addition to feeling heat from in state retailers who say the competition isn't fair. So if Amazon has any kind of presence in your state, prepare for the taxes to start coming in the next year.


I think this is really going to impact their bottom line. If enough people complain and cancel orders, this will change.

I have an issue with not telling us they were doing this so we could change our orders. I've already found 2 other sources for things I order.

So add the new taxes we are getting (I know not Amazon's fault), less of a discount (I didn't even realize that either) and now having to live by their schedule, bye bye Amazon it's been nice.


@machgogogo: I, too, would like some info on this "add on" scam.


I could be missing something, but I have no problem w/my 1 subscription. No changes at all. Same time, same amount. It's cheaper than I can buy it anywhere.


With the new "Add-on" program, there are a bunch of items that Amazon won't ship anymore unless your order is at least $25.

And it makes no difference whether or not you are a Prime member.


I just bought some rechargeable batteries. I saved $3 for a coupon, plus an additional $0.50 for using subscribe&save. It said it would ship in a couple days. I plan on just cancelling the subscription after the first ships.

It's an interesting idea, although I don't plan to use it.


Maybe it's different if you have Prime. I just set up an S&S for coffee and the only thing I noticed is if I need it sooner than what I set it up for, I won't get the 5% discount. And btw, I read 5%, not 15%.There was nothing said about adding things together, but then that's the only S&S I currently have.


I needed something sooner than my ship date, so I just changed my ship date. You can change it to any calendar day. Mine was end of month, changed it to the first, already received it! Yes, it changed the date for ALL my S&S items, but no prob, I just need to pay attention.


I would be ok with a monthly ship date if it would still be the 15% discount it once was. At 5%, it's not worth it. It just saves shipping costs for them to ship all your subscription items together. I get that, but share the wealth!

I still have 15% on my existing subscriptions. I am afraid to make any changes now for fear they will drop it down to 5%.


@bdsmonkey: I wonder if it would let you keep moving your ship date around, or if that was a one-time thing.


@bnbsouthworth: I have changed my ship dates more than once.


The reason I don't use Subscribe and Save is that I'm not sure what the future prices will be.

The prices seem to go up and down all the time and this includes things you subscribe to. I don't want to commit to buying something in the future at whatever price they think I should pay. If I locked in at a price and I was guaranteed that price as long as I continued to subscribe, I might use that service.

According to their FAQ:

The discount you receive for each order will be calculated using the price for the item on the day each order is placed. Therefore, if the price of the item increases or decreases, the amount you're charged may also increase or decrease.


Apparently, even the percentage discount can change from time to time:

All Subscribe & Save orders receive a discount over the regular price of the item. The current discount percentage for each item is posted on the product detail page when you sign up. Amazon reserves the right to change the discount amount at any time in its sole discretion. If an item has already shipped before the discount percentage changes, you will receive the old discount percentage on that order but will receive the new discount percentage on future orders.


Amazon wouldn't have to pull BS like Add-Ons if they were smarter about how they shipped stuff, i.e. get some freaking bags and bubble mailers and start using boxes that fit the items. My wife just got a pillow that shipped in a box that could have fit three more of them, heck, it's almost as big as my bike.


@apocello42: i get mixed packages. sometimes when i order a single book i'll get it in a bubble mailer, sometimes i'll order something and it'll be shipped in a box that is just beyond necessary. what i don't get is when they ship me an entire box of diapers, they put it in another box rather than just putting a shipping label on the box of diapers itself