questionsmy android (at&t inspire) won't install amazon…


Root the phone, problem fixed.

If not wait for AT&T to develop some sort of customer friendly business model. (Don't hold your breath though.)


While rooting your phone will solve the issue indefinitely, it will also likely void your manufacturer's warranty.

You can also try sideloading the app which is what is recommended from other woot users who have AT&T Android devices.


Other than rooting, in your settings for applications (at least on my Droid 2) there is a check box for "Allow installation of non-market applications" and this must be checked since the Amazon App Store is not found on the android market.


@reemus: AT&T blocks that feature on the android phones.


@xarous: That sucks! And makes me happier that I switched to verizon in January when I got my android...

[edit] I guess you're stuck with rooting your phone than...


Step one: Cancel AT&T contract

Step two: Sign up for service with either Verizon or Sprint

OR you can root your phone


Have you checked your phone settings to see if you can allow third party apps to be installed on the device? Otherwise you're hosed.. ATT isn't going to change any time soon lol.