questionswould you believe?


I am not sure whether to upvote or downvote. Upvoting does not mean that I think it is good! fair enough?


You're a lying SOB. You'll be back. Again. That is, unless you've acquired a facebook habit. ♥


does that mean you are done being a meanie, or that you are done with woot?

whereas i could live without the meanie, i would miss you. you do add an interesting perspective to some of these conversations.


maybe @iggz is gone for good, maybe not... could be the changes on Woot lately, or a new found love of Facebook/SD/whatever.

but my bet is that he will be back! =/


I modded @dmaz:

I don't want to believe you!

@moosezilla: What you said.


I don't believe you iggz. That said I want to add that although we've had major flames between us along with having decent communications, I hope your reason for leaving is not related to anything negative happening in your life.