questionsanybody heard from jumbowoot?


Last post in ATC was 7 days ago.


Jumbowoot is definitely a he. Very kind guy with a really great sense of humor. I still hope to meet him some day :P


I'm not sure you can work at Woot! and not have a great sense of humor. I really enjoy the writing styles employed for all forms of written communication! Great stuff, and I see competitors starting to imitate Woot!'s style more and more. It is the sincerest form of flattery, you know...


Remember late 2011 when Jumby would send out coupons by the month for $10, $20, even $60 sometimes? It's been a little dry lately....and I'm becoming an ungrateful little woot bastard child.


@zuiquan: at least it still shows a staff badge


Maybe he's on vacation? It's a nice time of the year to be out doing stuff.


@jumbowoot is spending all of his time adjusting to the billion amazon.woot! sales.


He's alive and well, I have talked to him very recently. Probably he's just wound up busy or locked himself out of his computer or been very focused on which burrito to order for lunch.


@dmaz: I do remember that. I've only ever seen a coupon more than $5 once, and it was around that time.

Boy did I feel special that day. Got myself a free shirt!


@slydon: Burritos are good. Bacon burritos are better.

All told.


@jumbowoot: I've always wanted to ask......Whats with the "All Told" comment at the end of every one of your posts? What does that even mean?


@caffeine_dude: Didn't get that one, but I'm still wowed by the $50 BestBuy gift card. I was totally floored over that one.


@magic cave: I got the 50 bb card too, but the Flashback really stands out in my mind because it is still in the living room.


@btalarczyk: All has been told.
All have been told.

All told.


I feel like I should hug Jumbowoot, yet I don't even know him....