questionshow can we speed the process of banning a…


I think yesterday was special. Usually they aren't allowed to stick around.

But if you see spam, tattling is the best way to speed up the process, I am pretty sure you know that though.


I think Woot tries to err on the side of second chances and are reluctant to drop the ban hammer on what might be innocent mistakes. Of course, this means that a few guilty ones get to sneak by at our expensive.

Perhaps, what would be ideal, is if Woot had a notification system that alerted people of their deals being deleted (for whatever reason, including "excessive postings"). As a more moderated response, it would allow Woot to act sooner, without resorting to banning someone who simply hasn't figure out the proper decorum.


@hobbit: I agree that the super spammers are almost always taken care of faster, but I think @chaosamoeba is correct about a reluctance to drop the ban hammer.

Some of the counterfeit and SEO spammers linger and post new crap for days or longer.


hopefully @jumbowoot can explain more, if he chooses to.


@tygerdave: Wait, i just noticed... is Trogdor now the Banninator?


@chaosamoeba: I'm thinking that you're right... If @staff had a notification system, then they wouldn't have to be so lenient and err on the side of giving second chances. I've been wondering about that a bit recently, especially with all the BK issues - could there potentially be a "jail" of sorts, and a notification to specific users?

I obviously haven't approached this from every angle as of yet, so there may be flaws in this proposal, but what do you all think about the idea of a "probation" or "jail" system? Would it be effective, and allow @Wootstaff to be more proactive as moderators, or would it just cause harm to legitimate Wooters by slowing them down, and also the rest of us by depriving us of potential deals? Where do we call the trade-off good?


@arosiriak: you know that staff can contact members if they choose to. They may not tell us here, which is their right as the site owner. We already know based on bkindustries snarky notes that he has been contacted by woot staff. I think that staff handles things pretty well, why not give them a break. Considering what they have to deal with I think they are doing a pretty good job overall.

Also any tattles to staff are considered a notification system to them, think about using it when you see spam. Staff does prefer we tattle on spam that way.


@hobbit: Fair enough... I'm not at all meaning to bash on Staff, as they do an excellent job - it just might make it easier for us if there was some way to know that they had put someone on probation, or that some sort of action had been taken.


@arosiriak, @hobbit: I didn't intend to bash the staff either, and agree that they do an excellent job.

My impression is that, as with bkindustries, the staff currently has to figure out how to contact them (which we all know can be more troublesome than it sounds). If the staff had a way of notifying users that their deals were removed and why -- for example, through a pop-up when they log-in or try to post, with some default message (duplicate, too many posts from one site, too many posts too quickly, etc.) -- this might relieve them of some of that work.

As someone who has had a deal removed, I wanted to know why my deal was removed but also did not want to waste the staff or community time investigating it. As such, a notification system from staff to user may also help guide new members of the community who may be eager to post, but reluctant to inquire out of shyness, desire not to be a burden, or whatever other reason.


In the interest of brevity….
Thank you to all who diligently notify us (via tattle) when an enthusiastic new member is detected.
Tattles of spam are reviewed carefully. We encourage you to continue to use this tool.
Spammers by nature are very industrious. If they can be turned from the dark side, they can be valuable contributors to this community. When warranted, we make an effort to show them the light.

We will continue to work with you to make this a wonderful place to be.


@jumbowoot: Thanks for the info - will keep tattling - good luck turning kari666 from the darkside, the name makes it sound promising :-p