questionsis there a good brand for washable bedding?


i'd recommend a duvet set since it can go over an existing comforter and most are machine washable. if you get one that's a high thread count or something like a "brushed cotton" you'll get a softer feel right off the bat without having to wash it lots of times to break it in

target sells lots of cute duvets, so does Ikea


I thought all bedding was washable. I throw all my comforters into the front-loading washing machine and let the machine take care of it. I do this every time I wash the sheets. I wouldn't use a top-loader for any comforter though because it's usually too big to circulate in the water properly and the center agitator can damage the material if it's too tightly inserted into the machine.


I make it a seasonal thing to visit my local laundromat and wash my comforter in their triple load washer. I visit a specific one where the next door business is an ice cream parlor.

Too much poly batting on the inside, especially if it isn't sewn a lot to secure the batting, will gather and bunch after a few washes. A mostly poly, but some cotton blend makes for a good washing comforter.


@w00tgurl: I'm sad to say I never considered just putting a duvet cover over a regular comforter. facepalm

In my head, you use those over down comforters only. Now I have to re-evaluate some sets I put back yesterday.


If your bed covering is handmade or old and fragile, you will want to clean it very carefully. Washing the item by hand is usually the safest way to preserve the comforter and clean it. You can do this in a bathtub. Fill the tub with water and add a mild detergent. Place the comforter in the tub and let it soak for ten minutes. Then drain the tub and squeeze the excess water from the comforter. Rinse it out thoroughly. When hanging it to dry, drape the bedding over two or three clotheslines. Then rotate it occasionally so that it dries evenly.


Wamsutta has high quality bedding (also has high prices). I've had good luck with bedspreads & quilts at Overstock. I always read the reviews, beginning with the ones with the lowest rating and I always order a size larger than my bed. For sheets; Sam's Club has a brand, I think it's Christy; 450 TC cotton sateen sheets. They are really nice sheets; long lasting, no piling and the price is reasonable.


Definitely use a duvet cover since they are easy to wash and it protects your comforter too. A great site for affordable duvet covers is I love that everything is at least 300+ thread count!