questionswhat's your take on college rivalries?


I currently live in the middle of the South Carolina Gamecocks vs Clemson Tigers rivalry that has lasted over 100 years. Sadly every year it leads to violence, hate, and stupidity. I understand rivalry because I played football for thirteen years, but I don't understand what makes the fans lose their minds.


I'm from Indiana. South Bend to be exact. I went to Purdue. When Purdue plays Notre Dame, I literally have family that won't talk to me a week before or after.

It's serious stuff.


@packman711: That's what I'm talking about. The silent grudge because you are a fan or attended a school. Some of this is passed down to generations. I find it fascinating.


As a Clemson graduate, I'm a rival to the University of South Carolina. To me, the rivalry is serious and fierce the week before and after the football matchup, the day before and after the basketball matchup, and the day of a baseball matchup. There is plenty of stupid fans that throw in the hatred and violence who help spoil a rivalry (ironically most of them didn't attend the school), but you get that in any rivalry.

What's awesome is my great friend and co-worker (& his wife) are USC grads and my wife (also a Clemson grad) hang out with them often (just had dinner with them actually). The rivalry makes the friendship greater and throws a fun wrinkle when it comes to the sporting seasons.

That said, I understand what you're coming from and there are plenty of people that ruin rivalries. But I'd say it's safe to say that most rivalries are all in good fun (including those billboards).


i guess it's a good way to boost pride for your chosen team if you have an obvious rival to point to as the bad guys. even the NFL and high school teams have their one heated rival. Cowboys vs Redskins, Army vs Navy, South High vs Lincoln High


Giants vs Dodgers. Look how that worked out.