questionsdid you pick up starcraft 2 on the recent 29.99…


Yes I did and I have not got to play it yet... stupid finals.


Nope. Despite inventory claiming it was available at the local Tar-Jeys, they were out of stock when I showed up.


@psaux, It may be to late, but I believe it was available on special as a digital download through as well. Too bad the local target was sold out though!


@hunter306: SWEET! Looks like it's still available as a DL (which I prefer anyway...). Many thanks.


From what I saw at my local Target(which had them available, although I didn't buy it), it didn't appear to be a Black Friday sale at all. It looked like a price you may have been able to talk someone into giving you a rain check for. I don't know how applicable this might still be.


@stark: At my target the validity dates on the price tag (which I did find, right below a big empty space on the shelf) ran from 11/25-11/26, which puts it as part of their 2-day black fri-sat sale.

That said, it's STILL on sale at Battle.Net (And they have a stripped down version available for FREE too... just added a deal for that.)