questionssprint echo. jump ship or stay put?


Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Does this phone look stupid to you? Should I move carriers? Any thoughts welcome. If you have other carrier suggestions, please no prepaid. No matter what I do, I can't move to a carrier more expensive than $70 after taxes. Even that is a major stretch, as it's nearly twice my current bill.

I don't have any real needs in a phone, except good call quality and text messaging. However, I want to be cool. :p

Thanks for any ideas.


@gregorylikescheapstu: If you say that you don't need much besides call quality and texting, I wouldn't say that this is a good phone for you.

1. It's a touchscreen phone. Yes, Android now has Swype, which is pretty good for texting, but in my opinion a qwerty keyboard is still superior.

2. Call quality is usually inversely proportional to number of features. That is, simpler phones tend to have better call quality (I can't back this with solid evidence; this is only from my experience from 3 "simple phones" and 2 smartphones).

3. You probably will care about battery life too, and my guess is that a dual core, dual screen phone will be less than optimal in regards to battery life.


@gregorylikescheapstu: If you do get the Droid phone take some time and really use the extra features they are well worth it in my opinion.

I LOL at Windows 7 commercials. To me they are basically saying that 'the Android (maybe even iPhones) have such awesome features that you will be addicted to all the features, SO you should get the windows 7 phone because Win7 can not do all the cool things a Droid does, there for you will not be addicted.' To me this is a silly way to sell a phone, most providers will still charge the same access to data, you just as well use it.