questionsdo women have a shoe obsession?


Duh, they need the new shoes because nothing goes with the new outfit they just bought (or so I'm told).


There's a flip side to it.

Do men have a tool obsession?
My husband is constantly looking on the internet for new hand tools/power tools(thankfully he doesn't buy everything that he looks at), yet he has about 20 gazillion pairs of pliers in our garage. Is this normal? I believe I own 3 screwdrivers and 3 many tools does a person need?

Disclaimer: I do not have a husband, as I am a straight male. Just don't want there to be any confusion...not that there's anything wrong with that.


@rprebel: I'm floored...I thought forever that you were a male, based on your responses that I read. BTW, a man can never have too many tools. :)


@jsimsace: I remember the day I found out @rprebel was a girl.

I don't know about you guys but I also can't have enough flash lights.


@cowboydann: We both agreed to never speak of that day again, and you know it. much for no confusion.


@rprebel: OK, can you and @cowboydann get a room already? I'm so confused that I'm not sure what in the &%$# the question I asked was.


@jsimsace: lol sorry
Sorry, back to the question at hand. If there's anything I learned from music monday wootcom Girls love shoes (NSFW)
My girl isn't that bad, she definitely has less than 10 and I have... 5 pairs myself.
(I don't really have to get a room with rprebel do I?)


@cowboydann: No offense taken, I didn't imply :::sarcasm::: in my previous answer. I suppose that you guys/girls can be suitemates instead. All told. :)


Yes, returning to the question. That's the best idea I've heard all day.

So, the point I was attempting to make earlier is that women are into shoes like guys are into tools. We're not all Tim Taylor, but they're not all...I dunno, Imelda Marcos? So, some women have a shoe obsession. Among them, your wife.


Dang. I read a bit of this question earlier, and thought that there'd be some interesting answers by now.

I admit it. I love shoes. I also love purses, hats, and jewelry. My late husband used to call me Imelda (in a very affectionate way). I have shoes that I bought around 1992 or so, and shoes that i bought just a couple of weeks ago. I store my shoes in canvas racks similar to those that Home dot woot has offered a couple of times. I like them because I can put a pair in with one shoe forward, and one shoe backward, so that I instantly see what the shoe looks like.

I don't have nearly the number of shoes I did while I was still working, but I have quite a few. It makes me happy. I don't ever buy them on line, though. Part of the fun is going to the store and trying them all on.

Now I want to go shopping.


I love shoe porn. Did you know there's a magazine coming out for us shoe freaks? Shoeholics and here. And yes, some men enjoy wearing lady shoes. I would imagine it's difficult and expensive to get them in such a large size though.

I don't own a ton of shoes, but that's only because I lack space ^_~


I plead the fifth.

OK, OK, maybe a little. But about half of them are for costumes, if you catch my drift.



You know who you are.


Because it's an unspoken competition among women. To own the best, the most, and have paid the least for those designer originals. we get extra closet space n heaven if we win :-)

But seriously- it's because you're wearing art on your feet. Shoes can totally enhance an outift. Make you feel beautiful, and make your feet the object of desire. Who the heck doesn't want that?
And guys are you really gonna tell me you're dying to ask out the chick in the cocktail dress wearing sneakers or birks? No! You know you want to see us in those strappy sky high heels that make our legs look so sexy. We know it-that's why we buy them.


Do men have women obsession?


i'm really surprised that i'm the first with this for an answer: my husband owns more shoes than i do. he owns 5 pair of white tennisshoes, 4 pair of sandles and 6 pair of boots. he wares 1 pair of house slippers. i have 2 pair each of tennisshoes, sandles and boots (and mine all get worn). however the flip side is i spend more time at the hardwarestore/lumberyard and buy/use more tools than he does. last i counted we were at 4 of the upright toolboxes that have no space left to put the rest in.


I have seven pairs of Dr. Martens and one pair of Uggs (it snows here). I don't consider it an obsession until one gets into the double digits.


I know a few men with the same obsession with shoes lamented here. In my youth, I couldn't care all that much. Aside from the social pressure to have the very best shoes(Jordans, or at least Nike, or AT LEAST Reebok) I cared almost two or three whits about my shoes. I would have worn the same pair throughout my entire childhood if not for my mother's or my growing feet's insistence otherwise. I still retain this tendency today, where my main work shoes should have been replace several months ago, and I can't be bothered. I once worked in pair of shoes that had a hole in the top big enough for my big toe to fit through for six months before finally giving in and buying new ones.

However, I have more pairs now than I ever have had before in my life. I think I clock in at eight pairs, including a pair of sandals. Three pairs were purchased from here. I like the variety it gives my wardrobe, but I'm still more or less indifferent to shoes in general.

My mother never did buy me cool shoes


I'll admit I do. But I'm thrifty about it and always donate them when I no longer want them. I know a lot of guys with the same obsession. I wish there was a shoes.woot.


I love having shoes for all occasions - formal and informal, sunny and snow, work and casual. Multiply that by different colors and you see why it can become a closet-filling collection.


I'm a man and I like shoes, I saw this post and I went to count all my kicks and guess what.... I got 26 pairs!! I think I have a problem lol, I have 6 pairs of nice leather shoes for going to court/weddings and funerals. I have 17 pairs of sneakers/Fivefingers and I have 2 pairs of cowboy boots and I have a pair of Sperrys! I want more, also I like tools and I like guns but I LOVE shoes


@thunderthighs: Thank you. The answer is indeed no.


Tool obsession... not quite the same. I don't need a gold tone crescent wrench, a standard chromed one, a matte chrome one, one with my initials in it, and a black one. I do however, need a crescent wrench and a pipe wrench. This is more akin to having a pair of shoes and a pair of long pants than it is to having a bunch of shoes.

Shoes aren't tools...

I would say women have an obsession not with shoes, but appearance. There's a reason men don't wear make up, and it's not because they have beautiful skin. Go to CVS and turn right... There's a wall of "beauty products", and a whole bunch of pictures of beautiful women judging you. Women feel way more judged about their appearance than men do. They blame guys, but it's not guys... It's marketing. And women have bought into it BIG TIME. Marketers are trying to capture some male market too, but it's harder, I don't know why.

"It's not makeup, it's war paint." Women are constantly at war with each other. Shoes.


No. I hate buying shoes. Finding ones that fit, don't make my perfectly normal sized feet look huge or awkward, and do not cause me to consider that walking on glass might be more comfortable after a few hours sometimes seems impossible. It's rather frustrating.

When I do find a pair I like, they are worn until they fall apart. Yes, I have glued sandals back together rather than scour stores in years when the current "fashion" was trending toward something I wouldn't wear even as a joke. Even if we won some obscenely large jackpot, I could not see myself buying a pair of shoes that cost several hundred dollars, let alone a closet full of them.


Women's shoes have more variety in style than men's. As far as colors/heels/toe shape/comfort/formality, that all matters.

Women's clothing tends to be more complicated than men's, what with our dresses and skirts and spangly tops, and so we need more of everything, basically. If girls wore slacks and polo shirts every day then sure, we could get away with just 3-4 pairs of shoes total, but then men would complain about how unattractive and boring we looked.


Shoes are not tools.

Can shoes get that huge "honey-do" list done? Can you paint the house, wash the windows, remodel the deck or fix the garage door with shoes?

A wise man once said that to do a job right you need the proper shoe. Wait a minute that wasn't it.. it was the proper TOOL.



Many of the women I know are into shoes, and many aren't. I have five pairs--2 pairs of sneakers (because the first pair didn't fit very well but I'm keeping them as a backup pair), two pairs of Tevas (because it's hard to find the ones I like so when I found them at a good price I picked up an extra in another color), and semi-dressy flats for when I can't be the total slob that I am.