questionswhat do i do when a deal i posted becomes a…


stroke your ego. Yes, you're that good!


Pat yourself on your back.

Your deal will magically get deleted. If you want, you can tattle on yourself.


leave it up tattle on @thefenst for posting a dup. or email him/her and say you expect all upvotes it gets credited to your rep.


@bkarlan: not if he RIPs it first.

At least you'll get some question rep out of it. Looks like this one will do nicely


@capguncowboy: ahhh but he can tattle and then RIP it


This happened to me with the 10 dollar gas card for 5 dollars. Mine got taken out twice before midnight. I was super confused and angry at the time.


I'd sit back and laugh. You, for free, posted a deal that they paid to get put up on the site and your free version will be removed. So, find a swivel chair, get a cat (preferably yours, if you have one) and work on your dramatic villain spin and laugh. Mwahaha.


just so you know: @veroniquehicks posted a link to your post as the second comment telling everyone to go upvote you. you are still getting some upvotes, just not as many as the sponsored one.


Same thing happened with me (quite some time ago now) when I posted GoldenEye for the Wii from GameStop. The day after I posted it, I saw it as a sponsored link.

What did I do about it? Nothing. I didn't really see much reason to do anything about it.


I think by all rights if you posted it first you should get rep credit for all its traffic and voting.


I'd say expire your deal, or tattle on the sponsored one as they posted a duplicate! Or Both!


@silo11 it appears that your original posting of the deal has been deleted