questionswhat are you doing for earth day today?


I'm actually cutting down some old pine trees in my backyard. I was going to do it this weekend but the weather was too crappy. Today is the first 60 degree day we've had all year. I'm planting some Lilac bushes in it's place, though. Maybe I'll wait to Arbor day to cut down the others.


Visiting Earth in preparation for its conquest by my people...err..I mean...recycling something...Yeah...that's the ticket...


Turning Oxygen into Carbon Dioxide, for the plants :D


I'm going to make my cats move over in their nice sunny spot and join them to get some Vit D from Mother Earth.


@ceagee: isn't the vit d coming from exposure to the sun, not from mother earth?

no1 no1

I'm using premium Gasoline instead of regular.


Mowed half the yard and trimmed the azaleas.


@no1: True.True.
In my hurry to make it fit in w/ Earth Day, I goofed.
A little tweaking needed : .... and make some vitamin D from the Sun that shines on Mother Earth.

How's that?