questionsis $5 all you can ship permanent?


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We can only hope and keep our fingers crossed.


+1 for the question, thought I doubt they'll say "Yes." Nothing is permanent except Sharpie ink.


Yes, until we decide to end it.


Permanent? Don't know. My thought on the 1 day combined $5 shipping: It was initiated to encourage multiple purchases in 1 day because they have SO many choices/sites now. Including the 'Plus' deals. Also, I think they felt it would help us buy a ton of items during woot-offs.

Don't know about others, but I'm finding it difficult to buy 1 item - let alone more than 1. It has not been an incentive for me. Bought nothing from the woot-off. Then again, maybe some are using this perk for Holiday shopping...

And then there's Amazon w/Free Super Saver Shipping w/a $25 purchase. Key words: Free & $25. Now that might be enticing.


what i would wonder about is how combined shipping could/should evolve at woot.

with some inventory planning and several weeks lead time on the deals they will be running, they could ensure each site is shipping from a common warehouse - and box them together.. while i'm not a "save the world" type, it does seem wasteful to have something small like an eye-fi ship in a big old box by itself, and something else arrives the same day from woot in a box that would have fit both items.

For a few months each year, my job transitions over to asset management for loaned and rented equipment, and though the planning was a mess at first, we've been able to streamline the process based on trends, and reduce our shipping costs by more than half.

Woot has one big advantage over the general cache of amazon fulfillment centers - because of the nature of "one item a day" sales - you can predict what will be selling/shipping on what days with 100% accuracy.


@goatcrapp: I bought two K-nex sets (one Mario and one Luigi) and a knife all within minutes of each other and was surprised they were shipped in 3 separate boxes.

I can kind of understand the knife being in its own box, but can't for the life of me imagine why 2 items from the same "woot plus" deal couldn't be boxed together.


If you click on the "learn more" link for it, the last paragraph:
"But All You Can Ship won't last long. We're not in the habit of leaving money on the table, so grab it while you can!"

So there may be some finality to it.


@rustybender: similar experience here.. last time the eye fi's were up, i ordered 2. After telling my brother about it and what it does, he wanted one, so i ordered another, just a few moments later. Surely being pulled from the same overall pool of eye fi packages, they still got shipped in 2 separate packages. I get order numbers and autogeneration, etc... BUT, there are asset management systems out there that impose a bit of logic on such things, and allow combining after the fact.


My guess is it will remain until the "losing money but gaining more sales" model starts to shift in the negative position.

Since Woot ships using multiple methods and does not combine shipping, the only hope for it to stay is to buy multiple items in one day, everyday. After all, Woot has monkeys to feed and that does not come cheap. You don't want to steal from monkeys do you?


Just wondering how often are there 2 or more things at the same time on the woot sites that you want? I've been on Woot for a while now, and only a handful of times found something I ordered.