questionsanyone have a google chromebook?


I have a Cr-48. It is pretty nice for day to day stuff. Video playback is...OK. Watchable, but not perfect.

Battery life has been fantastic. The casing is FAIRLY well built, but it is not hardware meant for full release, so there are some quirks. My trackpad is not quite flush on the left side. The power cable also feels just a little more loose than I would like. It works fine, but it doesn't feel "firm" in the socket. The battery also doesn't fit quite flush. Just some things to think about if you are thinking about a Craigslist CR-48. Also, the "skin" is peeling in a couple of places. Barely noticeable, but it is happening.

If you can find a dirt-cheap Cr-48, and you plan on basically web browsing and that's it (Google Apps and Office Web Apps through work fine) with no graphics-intensive stuff (no HD video, that's for sure) then it may not be a bad deal. The "official" Chromebooks seem way overpriced though, I'd stay away from those.


That's great advice thank you. Craigslist models run $300 while the new Samsung is $500.

But overall consensus is that they may not be worth it at those prices currently? That's the vibe I am picking up on from a couple sources.


@dereek3: Whew, $300? Even that (subjectively) feels a little steep, even if it were in mint condition, just considering my own experience with the hardware. I got it for free, so the video performance is nothing to complain about, but I wouldn't pay $300 for this. If you wanted to "own a piece of history," $300 wouldn't seem so bad.

If you want to run Windows, and are comfortable tearing it apart, pulling out the 3G card, and popping a Broadcom CrystalHD card in place for the sake of video (just video, not graphics), then it might not be a bad deal (though others might be better.)

There's also other considerations, like replacement batteries. So far, I don't know of anywhere to get a replacement battery for a Cr-48. That means that when the battery dies, my choices will be to A) try and rebuild the battery with new cells, or B) accept that my chromebook has become a chrometop, tethered to the power cord. At least with a retail machine, you get support / warranty.


Excellent points you make.

I just have such a hard time conforming to the masses and buying an ipad. I wanted to get something a little different, a little cutting edge.

I'm sure you can understand that feeling.

I am definitely thinking new model now though and not the used CR-48's.


@dereek3: The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 seemed like a cool Android tablet I was going to check out along with some others. What made you want to check into the Chromebook?