questionshow do you all get good at tattling on deals.woot?


I'm in the same position, and wondering the same thing. I have top marks in every other meter, but the only time I've ever had it come off of Empty, was when I tattled half a dozen duplicates in a row. then, it shifted up to about the 5% or so mark... 2 days later, it dropped back to zero, and my black triangle left with it.


since we can expire our own deals now, i'm thinking a lot of the tattle meters will start dropping. people are also getting better about not posting duplicate deals, so that doesn't help.

@waltertangofoxtrot: shouldn't it be whiskeytangofoxtrot? or is your name Walter?


Go to the last page of the deals section. All the deals are 2+ years old. Tattle. Say expired. Problem solved! ;)


I use the Fresh tab and go through every deal. I also have a good memory. When I see a duplicate, I tattle on it. Sometimes I'm first, sometimes I'm not.

It doesn't take many to keep your tattle meter pegged on the right.

I also tattle on my own deals when they expire, then expire them.


that tattle meter has been out of service for a few years now. someone keeps taking the "under construction" sign off it. just ignore it and it'll go away


@carl669: I was drunk when I signed in with the name initially... Its a mix of Military alpha and Western Union alpha, both of which I was using at work at the time.