questionsis anyone really observing memorial day as a day…


It certainly hasn't been the day it's meant to be in recent years.


most towns save the parades for veterans day & the 4th of july.
There will be an observance & ceremony at the VA hospital in our city, and I make a point of educating our kids about what memorial day means. Remember, memorial day is the day to honor the soldiers who died for this country. VETERANS DAY is the day reserved for the living. I think you are misunderstanding what memorial day means...


@kamikazeken: Actually, no, I am not confused between the two days. There were always (back in my youth - aka the dark ages!) parades on Memorial Day. My biological father died in WW2 and my step-father was on the beach in Normandy at 10AM. He, of course, came home, but what he went through it is impossible to know. It has been my experience in dealing with these older vets that they do not want to talk about the horrors they endured if they served in the European theater. My step-father used to tell about how his brother would send stuff to him and in his letters talk about the weather, etc. he was experiencing in Hawaii. My step-dad ran a field hospital wherever they were though the liberation of Paris and beyond into Germany etc. I found pictures of the concentrationn camps his unit descended upon and what they found there. He marked "keep forever" but never talked about it.


My hometown pretty much only ever has homecoming parades anymore. But each year for Memorial Day, the high school marching band goes to the cemetery and plays the national anthem at the Memorial Day service, and a couple of the trumpet players play Taps. The local VFW conducts the service and does a salute. This year there is going to be a Memorial Day brunch at the high school following the ceremony. I admit it's been awhile since I've attended.


Here in my town there are small celebrations and veterans memorial is full of color with family paying their respect. I do agree that it has lost its meaning to many, especially corporate America, just look at all the Memorial day sales.


"Even if the wars were unpopular, the fighting men and women should be honored and kept in our thoughts and prayers as well as those serving nowadays in the Middle East."



apparently not at ZAGG & WOOT:

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Saw this quote today - love it, and don't know where it rightfully belongs -

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave -Elmer Davis