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Can you yell a little louder? I don't think the person in the far back row heard you.


@barnabee: no, I was goofing off back there and I heard them just fine. Maybe it's an opera singer?


Try ebay. I did a quick search and found them offered there; however, I did not search for your particular size.
Is Made For Life a line made particularly for JCP? If so, you might be out of luck.


@lavikinga: I think it is a former house brand for JCP, and since JCP rather stupidly killed off most of their house brands, many of us are now SOL for basic knock-around slacks and tops.


@magic cave: I was afraid of that. I haven't purchased anything from JCP in probably over a decade. It was great to be able to find wrinkle free oxfords in ladies Talls (you've seen my long arms), but the quality declined, the prices went up and I had a harder time finding them.

Can't recommend Sears any more either. Everything has gone to crap.

I was playing in my closet last night and found a pair of Ladies Levis I wore in college. I had forgotten the heft & weight of old fashioned denim. Except for them being a bit too high in the waist, they still had a fashionable cut. I sorta miss the old denim.


@barnabee: Perhaps he should be buying a new keyboard instead. Seems his shift key is stuck.


@lavikinga: I used to wear their Cabin Creek slacks for my "office casual" job. Nice fit, decent selection of colors; not high fashion, but I didn't need fashion or high prices for work clothing.

Most women's wear in mid-range prices has taken a drastic downturn in quality over the last 10+ years. I don't see it getting any better, ever.


@magic cave: Back when I was working I purchased a great deal of my office pants from Chadwick's. My favorites were side zippered and were available in a 34" inseam. They came in so many colors, wrinkle free when taken straight out of the dryer and most of all were affordable AND comfortable.