questionswhat is the best ipad (3rd or 2nd gen) keyboard…


I've always wanted a Zagg Folio case, saw one at MacWorld and the keyboard is nice (some combo setups have really cheesy keyboards).


I couldn't wait.. my way of getting over the "peeling" or whatever look from the ZaggFolio case was to get the leather one. It will do good things. I put the leather skin on the back of my wife's iPad 2 and it was awesome. When we sold it, the back was in perfect condition.

The prices are a little high but when I can resell it in almost perfect condition, I make my money back.


This one is for the iPad 3 or iPad or whatever you want to call it. Specifically because the camera is a little bigger and the magnet used to turn off the screen.


@fenriq: So I finally got it to my APO here in afghanistan, came pretty quick even with a "audit hold". It looks great but I do have some complaints. I paid $130 for the leather one and where the plastic meets leather you can see the underside of the leather. It is very tight on the iPad, so its not as easy as their video to slide the iPad in and out. On the plus side, it looks awesome, will protect my investment and the keyboard is awesome as well. If I want to close my macbook air and use my monitor, I can just take the keyboard out of the folio and use.

Some pictures:


Its a combo pack. Expensive but nice. Think it can be bought cheaper elsewhere tho.


There is one more keyboard case that is a best seller . Logitech keyboard case also provided by zaag . Read full details