questionswhere is the top-of-the-page notice with my box…


I see you can still go to the leaderboard to see your deals.woot stats but don't see the square and triangle anywhere else.


@magic cave: Mine says "Hi jimeezlady" in the top right corner, with links under it that say "stuff you bought" and "your account"...but no trusty triangle or square... I feel welcome but kinda naked! My triangle and square aren't very big but they cover a LOT!


Can't see the triangle unless I go in under "your account" and wow, somehow I lost almost 20 points off of mine while woot was down. I'm not a fan of it being hidden within the account details. Both the square and triangle are tiny enough they could have stuck them beside our user names before the (not you?) easily.

*Edit to say that the account one shows me down to 40-some rating, and my post shows the accurate one. hm.


You have to dig into your account to see the square (I'm OK with that, I don't really care how many times people purchase [reminds me I'm usually broke], or that they know how many I've purchased. Riskin pointing out the obvious, quickest way to the triangle is to go review someplace you've posted, or post something new, and there it is beside your name.


I miss my box and triangle. So sad.


Yep, I miss my triangle and square...Where's the happy geometry?


I just logged in. The triangles seem to be on now, but my rep took a beating over the downtime.


There is room next to the Deals.Woot Logo/Link to put our Box and Triangle...


How ironic this is memorial day, i remember my triangle. I miss you so.


I just clicked the "beta feedback" button at the top of the page and requested that they put the square and triangle next to the user name on the top bar.
If you also think that would be a good addition make sure to send them the same feedback!


@kasona: I sent similar feedback earlier this morning. I too miss my triangle and the ability to hover over and see my score.


I feel the easiest way to see where I stand is to post here. Thanks!


Yep....I miss the triangle...No reason to have to make more clicks...This new format is way too busy and messy and much more time consuming and confusing to navigate.


It took me a while to earn this triangle, I want it right there in front of me so I can see my accomplishment!
And all of the money I have spent, I want my square to be visible too!


Just a test to see if I lost points here.

Back to 44. LOL, sometimes woot lets me have a few more points, then they are gone again.


Hey guys. Glad you're posting feedback here but please take a moment to send it via the BETA FEEDBACK button the top of the page too.


I'm fine with no triangle. Maybe we'll get less "questions" about people's triangles, and how black they are, or what position they are on a meaningless leaderboard, and the same people talking about how they overtook the same other people on that board for a whole 12 minutes and 8 seconds.



For the record, my rep stayed about the same during the downtime (it is still about 94.5%) but my ranking went up (it is now 205 and I'm thinking it was in the 220's before the downtime).

This would imply that others have dropped (which is in keeping with what some of you are writing).

I'm curious why my rep seems to never change by very much.


@belyndag: I directly quoted you on the Beta Feedback link....

"I miss my box and triangle. So sad."


I'm hoping it's just something to be worked out yet. Kind of reminds me of when Tanga did away with their fruit. All the Tanganites united and made it known that we wanted our fruit back, and it did come back. I'll give Woot a chance to get everything running right, though, before I take up the battle cry.


@hobbitss: Thanks. I posted a note through the Beta Feedback button, too. In fact, I think I'm probably keeping WootStaff busy all by myself with the feedback I've been posted.

I'm not opposed to change and was looking forward to the improvements. Hopefully these bugs will be worked out soon.


Totally agree with you, I miss being able to see where I stand with a simple glance up..