questionsanyone have any experience with straight talk?


Straight Talk is one of the brands by TracFone. TracFone is a virtual operator meaning that they buy bandwidth from other carriers and rebrand it as their own. In other words, while you're using a Straight Talk/TracFone phone, you're going through AT&T's or T-Mobile if it's a GSM phone or Verizon or Sprint if a CDMA phone.


I have a phone through Straight Talk and it's on the AT&T network and I've had no problems with it and have had it for about 2 years now (I ported my number but back then I couldn't do it online easily and they had to send me a new sims card).

I just helped a friend leave AT&T and move to Straight Talk so they could save $30/mo and we had no issues porting the number and setting up everything online - super easy. The phone they purchased is on the Verizon network.


Is your 6GB per month all done away from home? Making sure you have good wifi coverage at home should reduce things significantly for most people.


If you live in an area where AT&T has good coverage, I say do it. I have had it for a little over a year on my iPhone. Dumping AT&T was the best thing I have ever done! We save over $100 a month. We had two iphones with unlimited everything (when such a plan was still available) and it was just. so. expensive.

I have had none of the customer service issues I've heard rumors about w/ straight talk.


As a word of caution you may not want to switch to a "virtual" wireless network if you use that much data. By most networks' standards that is consider excessive and reason enough for them to terminate your service.

Straight Talk, like Boost/Virgin Mobile, Ting, Republic Wireless, et al., is a virtual network meaning they actually use the digital airwaves from an actual wireless provider (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc.). As such their "unlimited" offerings are not truly "unlimited" but rather "reasonable normal usage" without a pre-determined limit.

As such people with high data usage usually have their accounts terminated (because there are no overages which the provider can charge), the provider can terminate the contract at its discretion. If you read the Straight Talk terms of use Section 6 clearly states that it can terminate its service if it determines you use more than your "reasonable" share of data (in comparison to other subscribers).


I heard you can't stream on straight talk


I have straight talk and it's great. The AT&T coverage in my area is a bit sketchy, but I've yet to have any major problems.


You might want to check this out: - and maybe even join if you still have specific unanswered questions. (FYI, I joined 'hofo' several months ago and have received no spam.)

ETA: No personal experience w/ ST; Tmo prepaid works for me.


I moved my iPhone 4S from T-Mobile over to Straight Talk, using the AT&T network.

Couple of things you should know:
1) Straight Talk's TOS prohibits streaming of audio and video. You can get away with it in small amounts but I wouldn't run Netflix or Pandora or such on it continuously.
2) While the data is "unlimited", they have an unwritten bandwidth cap of 2GB. Above 2GB your download speed will be throttled back.
3) Best speed you will get is the HSPA+ 4G speeds. Even with the iPhone 5 they are selling, you won't get LTE speeds.
4) You can't tether other devices to your cell phone and share data
5) Out of the box, you won't get picture text messaging. There are work arounds that get it for you, but Straight Talk doesn't support it.
6) You don't get Visual Voicemail. There are some apps you can get that work around that limitation.

On the good side it is only $45 for unlimited talk, text, and data. I'm happy with my service.


@bigreddogatl: I know people who have an iPhone 5 from AT&T and switched over to staright talk and get LTE coverage. Straight Talk added LTE not too long ago.