questionsare you doing anything special to celebrate earth…


@eyeflytwohigh: What's grass? (I live in the desert.)


I'm going to punch an environmentalist.


I rode my bike to work today (first time this year), saving almost a half gallon of gas.

I don't know that it is especially earth friendly, but I spent half the weekend doing a through cleaning/dusting in my bedroom (scary how much dust collects BEHIND tightly packed books on a bookshelf in less than four years). I'm planning to move through the rest of my condo, with the goal of being completely done before I pick up daughter#1 from college on May 17.


Me and some friends are going to rent a fleet of buses and have a big bonfire. But since the weather's so warm, we'll probably just let the fire go outside while we relax in a nice air-conditioned room watching the fire burn. But don't worry, we'll send someone out every little bit to throw more wood on the fire so it doesn't die out completely.


I have a friend who always watches the movie Biodome on Earth Day. I don't know if I'll have time today, but it's a possibility.