questionswhy do my tags always get changed to boring ones?


I've noticed some of mine get changed, some don't.


@happyknappybeard: None of those answered the question either. The best shot was "consistency" but the changes are uneven and inconsistient.

The question remains.



"We use tags for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We're working on being more consistent in tagging questions (and deals) to aid in searches.
For the Deals side, they use tags that match the high-level categories you see at most large online retail sites: clothing, shoes, jewelry, baby, electronics, video-games, etc. Note that two-word tags are connected via a hyphen such as home-improvement.
Ask the Community
The same tags noted above are used in AtC when products are discussed such as requests for product suggestions.
In addition, there are other tags that are commonly used such:
Holidays: christmas, new-years, thanksgiving
General Interest: parenting, health, relationships, food, restaurants, music & many more.
Chat is used with the tag isn't really related to a deal or product. That is, a question that spawns general discussion.
Meta is used for anything that involves Woot! or any of its sites, features, suggestions, ordering, shipping, etc."

Not anymore.


The "hateful-rain" tag fell off of the question I posted this morning.
Just as well, as I doubt anyone else will want to search for hateful-rain.
It's pretty unpleasant.


Generally speaking, tags are changed to make them more useful -- which is to say, so people can find them, grok what the question is about, and be more easily found by search.

And, occasionally, we do it just to spite you.*

(* I'm joking. We always do it to spite you.)
Still totally joking.)


Hah, that reminds me when one question I asked had these tags:

"Schlemiel" "Schlemazel" "Hasenpfeffer-Incorporated"

After the mods were finished it was just changed to "chat" :(.


@gatzby: Thank you!! LOVE your sense of humor! :-D Sometimes it does feel that way. Well...often, really. The tag "Chat" is a giant 'you'llneverfindwhatyou'relookingfornomatterhowhardyoulook' black hole. That's why there are so many 'dups' on SO many questions.

And then there's the issue of getting current answers to buried, stale questions. Note: Not talking about deals here - they're pretty standard. Well, not so much 'pretty,' just plain standard.


@gmwhit: Yeah, trust me, we've had plenty of debates over chat. =) We have ideas on how to improve stuff, though. Coming Soon(for some value of soon) to a website near you!


@gatzby: Really?? Changes are in the works? Wonderful news! :-D Am anxiously awaiting something, sooner or later. Hoping that it is NOT a rebirth of the defiled/hated old "Chat." Chat question asked by @snapster


This is a very good question and when I asked this question 2 months ago I got shut down with tons of down votes. I guess people are nicer this time around!


@zeke7: Here comes that famous line, "Don't take it personally." It's not you, it could be who's on line & sees it before it disappears into the 'stale' room. And what their mood is at the precise moment they read your question. Whether or not they're having a bad hair day. If they own a rabbit, they might be having a bad hare day. Timing is important. What time's good? Have NO idea.

Could be you posted your question just when their boss caught them online. Many times, people are tired of seeing the same questions asked over & over again. Not your fault. Even if the question was asked before, NOT everyone saw it & the old ?'s could be stale info.

And then, there are people who just down vote a lot. Oh, and, well... it could be that they don't like you. In that case, it is personal. ...But in the grand scheme of things it really doesn't matter. At all.

Bottom line. Yes, it bites. Ignore as best you can. :-)


@gmwhit: Oh yeah, I know :) I guess people bite harder when the question is still fresh in other people's minds.