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I'm sorry but I think that you may be SOL here. I haven't messed around with Display Port technology very much, but I'm 99.9% sure that in order to use a monitor with DP input you NEED a DP ouptut. I know it works the other way around, DP out to DVI/HDMI in, which is what the adapters are for. Maybe someone else has a better answer for you, or knows something that I don't.

If not a new video card offering Display Port technology may be your only option.


I did a little digging and came accross several websites that confirm my previous comment. Display Port's FAQ has your question listed first and foremost. Your only cost-effective solution is to buy a video card with Display Port technology. I guess DP outputs at a much higherGood news is decent video cards w/ DP can be bought for around $50 on most tech websites like

Good luck, and sorry I couldn't have given you a more optimistic answer.

P.S. Dual Mode is another version of Display Port technology that allows for downconverting to DVI, HDMI, and VGA signals. So again it can only downgrade the signal to a lower quality, not the other way around.


@j5: Yes, it's the same issue. But I have a bit more information now and figured if I just updated the previous question it would be less likely to be noticed.