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It wasn't to skew with the algorithm, but rather to protest the uneven handling of deals posted by community members vs. deals posted by vendors who have a business relationship with Deals.
While I'm sure many will agree that removing deals for magnetic balls is over-reactionary on the part of many businesses, no one likes the idea of potential lawsuits. The (Buck) snowball was already rolling prior to TPTB finally correcting their oversight.


I'm still stuck on "Is Woot's veracity and integrity at stake here?" in the question description. I've read it over multiple times, trying to decide if my sarcasm meter was off. Nope. I don't believe it is. I am awestruck, and nearly speechless.

Remember, I said nearly.

This is hardly the first time a meme has struck Deals, and I'm quite sure it won't be the last. Better for Deals that it's on the weekend, and with Olympics coverage to compete with, to boot.

Woot's algorithm for determining what should or should not reach the front page has been changed a thousand times, in an effort to skew the results. I think they finally gave up on #sexy and on !!!FREE!!! (and I could point to any number of efforts where they attempted to skew the results away from them). The idea that it was entirely community driven long ago may have seemed true in the early days, but it's a business and we want it to stick around. Otherwise, what will occupy me this winter?


@shrdlu: If it wasn't for the fact that the OP's account has been around since 2008, I'd think it's simply a possibility that he was unfamiliar with the quirkiness of woot & its followers. Anyone familiar with woot should know that sometimes the inmates take over the asylum, and woot allows it. I think it's part of woot's charm.


@lavikinga: He posted a few deals when Deals dot Woot was new, but then only resumed in the last month or so. I was simply blind-sided by the concept, since there have been so many conversations that pointed out the very opposite of the idea that it was purely a community driven vote. In addition, the community "votes" on the Fresh tab have always been low, and any time my name shows up on the list of voters, you know that something's skewed somewhere. I voted on a few of the bucky deals. That's it.

I also posted a deal (although nothing bucky related, and in fact, before that even started up). I am always amazed when I get votes on something, to be truthful. I posted it late at night (PDT, so the East Coast was already asleep), and was very touched with the first vote it received. I checked back much later, and was surprised to see comments and more votes. Who knew?

Beautiful day. Back much later.


@shrdlu: I voted for that, maybe the second, or third vote, because it was a good deal on a very well received book, that I wish parents would read. I had a hand in the meme, but want to make doubly sure that a good deal like that gets up votes too.


I don't see that happening.