questionsanyone here ever bbs?


Me too. Also.
I once convinced a friend of mine to install a second phone line in my name. I hooked up a phone, had it call forward to my house, removed the phone and stuffed everything back into the wall. This way I could use the BBS (as an incipient quasi NAS) from work without incurring any "zone" charges. It was a local call from work to friend, and friend to my house.


I used to call into the occasional BBS, and have a friend who did a monumental work documenting the history of Bulletin Board Systems (you'll also recognize him as a guiding light behind the Internet Wayback Machine).

Now I'm going to hear Sportster sounds in my head for the rest of the morning.


I remember those! I also remember staying up really late and of course, since I was probably too young (at least my parents would say so), pretending I wasn't staying up that late. ;)


Oh this is taking me so far back...

It was summer - 1987 and I was 11 years young.

My parents bought me a used commodore 64 w/ a 1541 disk drive and a speedy 300 bps modem w/ no speaker, only a red flashing light. So I would have to pick up the phone just to see if I was connected - then came the line noise... Other times the line was busy, so you had to keep redialing - sometimes at odd hours of the night. Of course there was no color - only black and white or green screen.

Learned code like "AT DT", etc.

Upgraded to a 1200 bps in 1989, then a 2400 bps a year later w/ my Amiga 500, then 4800 and my Supra 9600 v.42 modem which cost me $300+ at age 17. The advent of the WWIV BBS program brought along basic colors and networked BBS postings.

I would frequent BBS(s) by the name of: Slime's Court, Fortress of Solitude, The Hippodrome, Amy's Crystal Place, The Sand Dunes and when I got my Amgia 500 in 1990, Casa Mi Amiga and many more.


I ran a C64 BBS for a few years. It was one of the rare few running on a hard drive.

That was so long ago I don't even remember the name of my own BBS.


I also ran a BBS, ran Searchlight BBS software... Ran on an old 386, later upgraded to a 486, both with an old monocrome screen that burned in the "Waiting for Call" screen and the "Sysop Bar" at the bottom. Remember dialing into an old C64 board at 300bps, ... was called the 8 bit empire. Those were the days, TradeWars 2002 yeah! Started playing MUDS in 1994 when I got my first internet connection, good times...


lol, remember stumbling across some adult images which I was not legally old enough for... Someone came out with a program that allowed you to view the GIF images as they were being downloaded, so while downloading images which took FOREVER and ate up your time allowance on the BBS you would slowly see someones head, then ....


I grew up in the boonies. Even Compuserve or AOL was a long distance phone call away, so it was a double-whammy expense-wise. So I took my amazing 300-baud modem and mainly called BBS systems across the country. I couldn't spend much time on them due to the phone bill (I was a young HS kid) but it was fun. I remember spending a bunch of time in an Apple //gs board out east, can't remember which state anymore.

If there had been free long distance back then like there is now, I'd have spent a LOT more time online.


@nkull: TradeWars! LOL, yes... I remember playing that.

I remember being a teenager and spending $75 on a new modem, I forget which one it was... probably upgrading from 2400 to 9600 baud... my parents thought I was crazy for spending that money. ...but man did that text fly across the screen, LOL.


I never did, but it sounds like it used to be "the thing".


@jsimsace: It certainly didn't increase my popularity in high school.


I still get BBS withdrawal from time to time. Maybe that's one reason I keep checking stuff at Woot.