questionswhat do you have planned for the week? anything…


Work, so not really fun. Hope you and the family get better soon, and that your husband avoids infection.


Went to the zoo today with my cousin, her husband, his sister and her (the sister's) 2 year old daughter. That's kinda fun, I guess. For the rest of the week, I'm gonna mow, look into student loans for next semester, buy stuff for school and then maybe catch a movie with a friend if she ever gets any time off from work. Other than that, I'll probably just watch TV, something you can do with the flu, so it's not that exciting.


groan about how much this weekend has left me hurting (removed shingles and replaced with sheet metal the roof on my porch by myself)


@mommyleah: Sorry you & your children are sick. Hope you recover quickly. Lucky you to have someone to take care of you.

BTW - eat canned ham. That's what I'll be doing. ::snicker::


I'm not going to be up to anything exciting this week (school) BUT next Sunday I'm going to the shooting range and firing off a few hundred rounds =3

I have an older police-issue 9mm (my father's) and a bunch of hollow point rounds. Pew pew!


I have a mammogram scheduled tomorrow morning. Does that make you feel better? Might be going to see the Avengers within the next few says. Going out to dinner for frog legs Tuesday night to celebrate nine years of nonsmoking.


Fun huh?

Well, I might ride into work tomorrow (the rest of the week is supposed to be wet).

That's about it. (I'm working and my officemate is away in class and I will be going it alone, so not too much fun stuff at all.)

Feel better. The kids too.


Feel better soon!

Tomorrow night I am going out to a "TV Dinner" event at a local cinema that serves beer and food during the shows - they are showing Doctor Who episodes, and your ticket turns into a voucher you can use towards your bill (therefore, "TV dinner"). It's going to be a lot of fun and last I checked nearly sold out. Also there will be "nerd burlesque" during intermission from these folks so it will be very geeky.

Wednesday is my Work-at-Wootaversary! :)