questionswhat's your opinion of posting funny or cute…


It's part of what makes woot fun


@woothulhu: Absolutely. Woot deal posters have opened my eyes to some of the hilarious items up for grabs out there on top of great deals... I mean come on, who doesn't want to know about a $350,000 Animatronic Triceratops, which has moved to the top of my must have list when my wife hits the lotto....


I ran across an item for sale that said millionaires need not apply, billionaires only and I immediately thought of deals.woot and was sooooo tempted to post it.


I vote up funny or interesting items. I like it when someone points out a product I didn't know existed.

I posted a lego brick with LED light the other day because I was excited that someone came up with something my son would enjoy, and I thought other wooters could benefit. Not a deal, but great to share.


Also hilarous when I wake up and check the the front page to see it full of some internet meme that I wasn't aware of yet. National pirate day? Expect a front page full of peg legs and eye patches.


Insanely expensive ones can get old after a while, and I've been known to downvote one or two of them...unless they're funny, of course.

I love the unusual things that get posted. I don't care about the never-ending parade of free apps for Android, but put up a funny shaped USB key from Meritline, and I'm happy. I bought M&M ones most recently (maybe from Woot, maybe from Deals, I don't remember); they make me smile every time I pick one up.

Life's too short. Funny is good. Cute is good. Even Zippy has been known to laugh.



okay, i can see the enjoyment of posting the outrageous stuff occasionally, but why post it repeatedly? yes, i liked the missile silo, and the M&M usb drive. i like seeing pineapple cake mixes on pineapple upsidedown cake day. even a bunch of random flying pigs and pirate stuff. but why post the same eyepatch from multiple places at the same price seven times?


I'm for it. Period. If the community doesn't like it, we will make our displeasure known.


I would much rather see fun or interesting items than the numerous 99 cent Amazon VOD posts. I think the plethora of DVD, VOD, Blu-ray posts, that are not necessarily a deal, are starting to weigh on me. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about scoring quality programming for cheap but that accounts for about 20% of the posts IMO.


did someone say more eyepatches? yaarrrrrr


Thank goodness everyone so far has approved of funny posts that aren't necessarily on super sale. Just before I saw this thread I posted this:

I guess I have to fall heavily on the side of the "keep me entertained" faction. If I want to do SERIOUS shopping, I will use the search feature to find something specific. Otherwise, I appreciate having my eyes opened to all of the possibilities!


We work hard, we should get to play hard.

I'm all for funny deals every once and a while.


It's the spice of Wooting!


I like the fun postings, if it makes me grin, I upvote. I would like a tab for apps and a different one for movies.


I do come here to look for deals but I linger to read the amusing things people are saying/posting

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Come on, lighten up! Woot is supposed to be fun. Oddball products are just a part of it.


Thank you for asking this question! I think you just provided a green light for posting funny or unusual things that aren't really on sale - now I won't be so hesitant to take the leap.


@notanaardvark: Just be prepared for the trollers who will immediately comment something like "How is this a deal?!" then savage you for whatever you posted. When that happens, breathe deeply and do what we do down south: Repeat to yourself, "Bless his heart, he means well."

I'm afraid I speak from experience.


@belyndag: Thanks. Now how do I choose between my "do almost anything for a joke" side and my "sensitive, insecure, needs approval" side? Stay tuned.


@notanaardvark: Ah! Sounds as though you have a future as a stand up comic. You already have the pre-requisites!


The problems is there are MORE non-deals than deals. Everyone wants to be a comedian. ( Or comedienne for my brothers from Canadia)

I vote down non-deals as much as I can. If I wanted a constant barrage of products at full price, I think I would just go shop at thinkgeek.