questionsare you playing skyrim?


I have seen some gameplay, and it seems just a tad buggy, but no I'm not playing it. Haven't been into RPGs for years. It looks great, but I'm more of a Tetris person.


I'd just like to say that #omfg-dragons is a wonderful tag.

No, I haven't played the game, but I'm a little sick of the BF vs COD argument. This might be a good way to settle the debate for who gets all of my time this winter


Are you stalking me >.> looks over shoulder but yeah I'm playing it.. Well on a dinner break now but yeah.


I'll be picking up a copy for the 360 once I can find a better bargain.


Indeed, playing on the PC, what it was designed for.

Glitches? In a bethesda game? Nooooo.... ok, ok. Yes, I have noticed a few glitches like a mammoth that was walking ~100ft up in the air while I was fighting a dragon... nothing that has broken the game for me though and I save often.

Major complains? I still have to go to work 50hrs a week and 9hrs of classes to attend, plus a wife I have to see at least 2 times a week.
Best things about it have been the dragons, story line, graphics, dragons and dragons.

Sometimes at work I find myself f5ing as I see an employee walk towards the bathroom. I then repeatedly f9ing and trying to figure out a way to beat them to it before it gets stunk up.

I did some googling and asking some friends about their class before finally settling on Nord.


Playing it on PS3, but should have stuck with my tried and true Xbox. I've had various freezes, slow downs and just random hiccups. I may just sell this and get it on Xbox.

I am enjoying this though, although the map and inventory should have been redone, it's too clunky and cumbersome (which I'm sure the PC mods will fix that). But man, the Daedra quests, random events and the loot. Oh man the loot. And my 1k horses dying within the half hour from too large a fall or an arrow up the butt.

Have you gotten the Krosis mask yet?


Tends to crash somewhat often, more so when you're alt-tabbing. Otherwise, it seems pretty solid. Mining can go on indefinitely from time to time too.

I had a chance to jump on a dragon's head and ram my sword into it's neck repeatedly, until it died and I absorbed it's soul. I'm pretty sure that's an epic win. I then found its lair and discovered it had been killing frost trolls and apparently flying cows back to devour.


@gatzby: "I had a chance to jump on a dragon's head and ram my sword into it's neck repeatedly, until it died and I absorbed it's soul."

That quote is a keeper.