questionsis the ps3 still considered a good blu-ray dvd…


I don't know, there are many name brand Blu-ray players for under $100 these days, so if you're not going to use the PS3 for gaming, it might be more economical to go with a standalone player.


It's still very good, but there are players out there that have other capabilities that the PS3 does not... Although if you're not going to be able to stream video, those features become worthless. For as expensive as they are, you could probably get a great Bluray player and have a bunch of cash left over to buy a decent Bluray collection.

I do have a PS3, and use it almost exclusively for watching Blurays or other media (DVD, downloaded TV shows).


Also, it's one of they only players that will continue to receive firmware updates well into the future... Some players stop getting updates from the manufacturer after a year, or less in some cases.


I have to agree with @90mcg112. A few years ago when the standalone players were near the cost of the PS3, it seemed foolish not to get the PS3 and all the additional capabilities that came along with that.

Now, with very well equipped blu-ray players coming in at 100-150 dollars, you're probably better off getting a purpose built machine from a major manufacturer. Some even include built in streaming options (IE Hulu, netflix) which would have been the only other reason I would have recommended the ps3 to a non-gamer.

At this point, the PS3 is still a fine blu-ray player-- but it's probably not worth the additional money (and hassle of updating your ps3 system software constantly) if you're only using it as a Blu-Ray device.


PS3 does a great job (including 3D Blu-Rays), so you can't go wrong except for the price. It is a little over-priced for just being a Blu-Ray player. That being said, there are a lot of fun PS3 games (even for new or non-gamers), so it might be worth it to you...


One thing to remember is that you will have to purchase a Blu-Ray remote for about $20 if you don't want to use the PS3 controller. The Blu-Ray remote is also a limited universal remote (does not control cable box and does not control non-Sony receivers).


Does the Ps3 have access to any of the streaming services (netflix, hulu, etc)? I don't think one can stream at 1.5Mbps (theoretical max, I don't know actual #'s yet), but within 6 months I think they're running ATT U-verse out there, which will give me decent speeds.

Also, if not PS3, are there any brands that stand out over another, or is a blu-ray, is a blu-ray, is a blu-ray (as long as specs are near identical)?


The PS3 is still great, still up there with the best. However, BD players have really come down in price. A few years ago, it was worth it to get a PS3 over a standalone because the PS3 offered more.

However, prices have dropped pretty radically. You can get a standalone BD player with internet and pretty much every other bell and whistle the PS3 has, except gaming of course, for probably cheaper than a PS3.

If you want a PS3, then by all means go for it, you'll have a great blu ray player. But there are definitely players on par with it (if not better, I haven't researched in a long time) that might be less expensive


Yes, the PS3 makes a fine blu-ray player, but as it's been stated before, unless you're going to be using it for gaming as well, I'm not sure if I'd spend the extra at this point.
Yes, the PS3 has access to Netflix, hulu plus, youtube, etc. You can also stream content from within your network if desired as well.
Note: Just to clarify, you would have to purchase an account with Netflix and hulu plus (same with any other blu-ray player).


It's the first next gen, so it's good in general, but still old in comparison. At least Sony had the foresight to make it compatible with their new versions. Some of the older Blu-rays can play the new movies.


A PS3 for the purpose of blu-ray only viewing may be a bit excessive.

However, as the most widely used blu-ray player out there it may be the most up to date, as it is constantly being updated. This is frustrating because of how slow the PS3 download and installation system is, however this could be very good as other players may not receive the same attention and software improvements.


@dcpotts: PS3 does have access to streaming services. It includes Netflix, Hulu, and some others.

The key thing for you is, the PS3 has a hard drive.
You could still rent/buy downloadable games, movies and TV shows at your slow internet speed from the Play Station Store. Because even rentals download to the hard drive for viewing, you could watch them once they are done and not worry about streaming issues. You could download overnight, and be ready to watch/play the next day.


I recently had to buy new audio/visual stuff post-divorce, and went with the PS3 as DVD player and game system and Netflix box.

I couldn't be happier. While I cannot speak for the 3D aspect of viewing, regular DVDs and Bluray movies play very well, load up reasonably quickly, and using the PS3 controls as remotes feels OK to me - i don't miss the big stick.


Thanks everyone for taking the time to answer. It's been very helpful.


@wnyx585am: get the smk link remote, it is a universal 'ir' remote with bluetooth to control the ps3. best of both worlds. i have it and it works great.