questionscan anyone direct me to where i can find a…


A little something I learned from someone here who (or should it be whom) shall remain nameless.


@sgoman5674: It's funnier if you DON'T use the tinyurl fakeout thing. Make the smackdown OBVIOUS, please. Yes, I DO need more coffee, and yes, I want them to fix the stupid bug. I browse via things I've commented on, and I am now officially in a very bad mood.

As a completely unrelated aside, I am astonished at the number of people with matching gmail, woot, twitter (and probably facebook and myspace) accounts. Just in case someone thinks otherwise, that shrdlu on twitter isn't me.


@sgoman5674: Thanks for the lesson but not as feebled minded as you thought. Tried most of the search engines and shopping sights. It is discontinued but thought someone could perhaps add some valuable insight not a wise crack.


@eblackma: Not feeble minded, perhaps, but clearly not wise.


@shrdlu: Blinding Flash of the Obivious


@eblackma: Oh my, surely you are not looking for entertainment this early in the AM? Early for me, that is. I don't recall signing up to be a personal shopping service. Normally people are very polite here (I refer to those that answer), but snide comments and insults tend to make those who might ordinarily be helpful feel a little less kind.

Me? I'm just in a rare mood for helpful, and I can't tell you how encouraged I feel at your thoughtful and incisive commentary.


@eblackma: I would suggest eBay, if you haven't tried looking.


edit: OK...

I've had good success with using when looking for items that google shopping doesn't seem to locate. The prices are a bit high, but it's a start.


@eblackma: hm found a whole page of them using google

in stock at most of the sites I visited too