questionswould you buy condom online?


Depends on the OS and hardware you plan to use.


The real question is if you're dumb enough to buy a condom online, would you use it?


To answer seriously...

I have bought them online quite frequently, through some excellent sellers on Amazon. They always come in plain envelopes with no distinctive markings identifying the contents, though unfortunately the envelope also contains only a plastic bag rather than a box (clearly they were bought in bulk).

Far, far cheaper than purchasing them in-store, and never had a problem with defective products or expiration dates. If you know the exact product you want, and are willing to purchase a lot at once, you can get some absolutely outstanding deals.

So yes, I am willing to do it, have done it, and will continue doing it in the future. Great way to save some money.


@crowsnest: Dammit, I was out of town today and you stole my answer! ;)


are they useful for online sex?