questionswhich woot feature that has faded away do you…


1. Random midnight bags of crap. (But I get how putting them in Woot-offs is better marketing - keeps people on board).
2. Woot Clue.
3. Mad Ape Day.


Did twofer Tuesday go away? I haven't tracked it religiously, but it seems like many Tuesdays there's still a two-for deal of some sort... (goes to check the archives...)


I miss shirt.woot using USA-made shirts the most.


Daily audio podcast. Mortimer and Monte and great and all, but I miss the daily dose of woot humor.


USA shirts. i only buy randoms now so i can get american apparel... once that stops so does my buying :/


Two-fer Tuesday, AA shirts, BOCs that were truly random, boxes of misprints, and super cheap Sandisk mp3 players (made great kids gifts).


@trekmiss: I miss the Sandisk (Sansa Clip) mp3 players, too. And I'm no kid!


Two for one shirts when there was a derby tie. I bought every single shirt duo (which was 2 shirts for $5 each). The last time one of these was offered was in 2009.


It's been mentioned but @wootclue

I also miss the feature that woot used to have of being unappealing to me. At least It was easier to hold on to my money back then.


Product launches. Don't remember seeing one of those in a long time.


I'll cast another vote for Twofer Tuesdays.


definitely AA shirts.. I've purchased two of the newer ones, and simply don't like them. One of them got bacon neck after the third wash - not cool.

Also sansas. man, i miss all those sansas.


i miss twofer Tuesdays too. and of course... WOOT CLUE!!! bring back woot clue! it's not too late, we haven't forgotten!


Am i missing something or did the remove the status of your rating and triangle from the front page(s)? There's no where to see "at a glance" where you stand?


I miss anything those ear-buds that cost 99 cents. I have a @jumbowoot coupon and I am ready to use it.