questionsis this hp desktop a super deal or just meh?


It sounds like a deal to me. Why don't you post it as one?


@jsimsace: Oh, only because I have a 1-user, 1-use coupon without which this PC is over $500.


Sounds like a fair deal to me. It has plenty of RAM and plenty of storage for $370. The 2nd Gen i3's are nice little CPUs too, they have plenty of power for a basic PC. I'm not sure on that video card upgrade, but I'd skip it if you're not planning on doing any gaming, the thing probably won't be much of an upgrade anyhow. If you really want to upgrade a video card in the future you can find plenty of better ones under $50, and installing them is pretty simple.


@eraten: Thank you for the advice, especially on NOT upgrading the video card right off the bat. Much appreciated!


That's not really a bad deal at all. That i3 is a dual-core CPU with hyperthreading, so for some tasks it's as fast as a four-core. And over 3GHz? This is a good deal for a budget PC. I wouldn't really worry about upgrading the graphics unless you really play a lot of first-person shooter games. For just browsing the web or watching video it's fine.


@omnichad: Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it. I will probably go ahead and order it w/o the graphic card upgrade.


@sfstone: Good deal. You can't build one for that price.